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AT&T could lose 26% of iPhone customers, study suggests

With Verizon picking up the iPhone 4 in the US, market research firm ChangeWave decided to see just how much of an impact the new carrier would have on AT&T. The result of a survey of over 4,000 U.S. consumers shows that a whopping 26 percent of respondents said that they would drop AT&T fo...

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Survey: Apple iPad catching up to Kindle

There is still a big price difference, but the iPad is challenging the Amazon Kindle as a preferred device for reading e-books in ownership and satisfaction. That's according to a ChangeWave survey of more than 2,800 U.S. consumers. Of iPad owners, 75% said they were "very satisfied" with their dev...

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Apple set to have a great holiday season, says Changewave

The holiday shopping season kicked off in America with Black Friday today, and Apple should finish out the rest of 2010 with a bang. ChangeWave, a firm that covers consumer trends, has told Apple 2.0/Fortune Tech that one of its surveys has consumers leaping for laptops, specifically those made by ...

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Survey: iPad customer satisfaction is at 91%

A pair of surveys from ChangeWave reinforce what we've suspected for the last month: People like the iPad a lot, and that's not about to change. The first survey of a whopping 153 people (I saw more in the supermarket this morning) found that 74% said they are "very satisfied" with their iPads, and ...

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Report: One-fifth of smart phone buyers want Android

Those incessant Droid ads are working, as consumer interest is climbing. Last December, ChangeWave Research conducted a study to determine what kinds of smartphones shoppers want. As in previous surveys, the iPhone topped the list. However, 21% of the 4,068 consumers who stated their intention to...

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ChangeWave survey shows a bump for business Mac purchase plans

Keeping an eye out to the we-think-we-hope imminent economic recovery in the US, survey purveyor ChangeWave is seeing a bit of an bump in anticipated overall corporate PC purchases; in particular, the Mac-buying numbers are up. This month, 9% of responders say they expect their companies to buy Mac ...

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Survey: Apple riding high on news of economic woes

A survey by ChangeWave says Apple is looking ahead to record sales for Macs, which smiles in the face of further declines in U.S. consumer spending. The survey polled 4,416 people between August 4 and August 12. If the poll is any indication, Apple will do well in the next three months, with 34 perc...

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