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This is the most important Mavericks keyboard shortcut you'll discover all day

Mavericks' new Control-Command-Space bar shortcut came up once again during conversation in the TUAW chat room this morning. Once again, I was surprised that this cool little trick isn't universally known. As a public service announcement, we'd like to continue to spread the word about this delig...

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Crazy Talk 7 puts character animation power on your Mac

Putting words in other people's mouths: more of a hobby than a vocation for most people, I'd say. If your work or play involves facial animation, however, you know how much work goes into making fake speech look convincingly real. Although there are impressive pro animation tools for this tas...

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Where's my Water creator goes from QA to hit game designer at Disney Mobile

Tim FitzRandolph joined Disney Mobile's gaming team from the lowest rung possible: The Quality Assurance department. Game testers often work long hours on early versions of unfinished games, and FitzRandolph's first job was no exception. "I studied film studies and nothing to do with games, a...

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iPad-equipped Quatto costume for Halloween

OK, this is a little weird, and a little gross, but if you're as big a fan of Total Recall as I am, you'll love it. One of the characters in that movie, named Quatto, actually lives in the stomach of another character, and rather than recreate the creepy effect with puppets or makeup, YouTube user ...

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