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CES Unveiled: Dexim's Lightning Power Skin and Music Talking Stylus

We looked at Dexim's chargers last year, but the company is rolling out a new Lightning port Power Skin for the iPhone, as seen above. It should sell for US$60 and be available at the end of January. For those of you who still have 30-pin iPhones, they were handing out samples of the ClickSti...

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Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation delivers slim portable charging, on sale Monday

The iconic iPhone battery case from Mophie, the Juice Pack, hasn't made the transition from the iPhone 4/4S 30-pin connector to the newer Lightning interface yet. That's put some extra attention on the standalone battery packs in the company's lineup. We tested the Juice Pack Powerstation, th...

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Scosche unveils Lightning charging accessories

Known for its car audio accessories, Scosche also has a booming iPhone and iPad accessory business. The company expanded its offerings by announcing a variety of charging accessories equipped with a Lightning port. The new chargers are available in either 5W or 12W capacities. The 5W chargers...

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iPad mini ships with 5-watt power supply

The newest full-sized iPad ships with a 12-watt power supply that makes it possible to charge up the device much faster than with the 10-watt adapter used in previous models. So when the iPad mini was announced, there was a lot of speculation about whether or not the diminutive iPad would include...

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The danger of counterfeit iPhone/iPad USB adapters

Software engineer Ken Shirriff took a close look at 12 different USB power adapters and confirmed what we already suspected -- that counterfeit chargers are junk. They are poorly constructed and can cause serious damage to both your devices and yourself. Shirriff measured the performance of a...

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New 12W iPad Charger can charge older iPads faster

When Apple introduced the fourth-generation iPad and its new iPad mini, the company also unveiled a new 12W Power Adapter. The USB adapter is compatible with all versions of the iPad from the second generation forward and will allegedly charge these models faster than the stock 10W adapter. It'...

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Enter to win a Tesla iPhone charger and consider backing the documentary about Nikola Tesla

This summer I watched with amazement as Matthew Inman (creator of the hilarious web comic The Oatmeal) raised awareness about Nikola Tesla, one of my heroes. In fact, in film school I wrote a little spec script for Tesla -- a man who saw his inventions fully formed in his head, working as visio...

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JuiceBuddy is a pocket-sized iPhone charger

With a name like JuiceBuddy, you might expect this product to be the "world's smallest juicer" of late-night TV fame. Instead, JuiceBuddy is a tiny US$24.95 AC adapter that easily fits onto a keychain so you have a way to power your iPhone or iPod touch anywhere there's an outlet. The tiny ch...

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New iPad continues to charge after the meter says 100%

As pointed out by Ars Technica, a report on the iPad by Dr. Raymond M. Soneira of DisplayMate suggests the tablet device is not fully charged even when the on-screen meter says 100 percent. Dr. Soneira told Ars that he "measured the power actually drawn by the AC Adapter and found that the new ...

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XtremeMac shows three new mobile chargers at CES

XtremeMac makes a variety of cables, chargers and other accessories for the Apple's line of portable devices. The company used CES to introduce three new chargers for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod that'll join XtremeMac's lineup in the first quarter of 2012. These new products include: 3 i...

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Third Rail Mobility announces new cases, battery at CES

Third Rail Mobility, a case/battery system that our own Mike Rose reviewed (and liked), announced revisions to their iPhone 4/4S case and battery systems at CES 2012. Now they are available in colors aside from black, allowing you to customize your iPhone and keep it charged. Soon their line wi...

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Apple patent suggests charger for multiple devices

A new patent application filed by Apple suggests the company is working on putting together a device that would charge multiple Apple products at the same time, including an iPhone or iPod and a MacBook at the same time. The patent is for a "multi-output power supply" that would hook up a charg...

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XtremeMac InCharge Home USB charger for iOS devices

A couple of weeks ago, we ran a post about the release of the XtremeMac InCharge Home USB charger (US$29.99) for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Now the device is available in the wild, and one was sent to the sprawling TUAW Labs for hands-on testing. Read on for a detailed look at this ultra-por...

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Twelve South's PlugBug solves all your charging needs

We've appreciated TwelveSouth's work before -- the BookBook especially has earned some praise from various members of the TUAW staff. But I definitely like this new item, called the PlugBug. Yes, it's a standard charger, designed to combine both your iPhone or iPad and your MacBook (Air, standa...

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Energizer travel charger powers your Mac, iPhone, and iPad ... all at once

I often travel with more than a few Apple devices, all of which usually need power at some point during the day, so the idea of this one intrigues me a lot, obviously. Energizer (the bunny people) is releasing a brand new travel charger that, as you can see above, goes industrial on charging yo...

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