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HyperMac offers DIY solutions after Apple lawsuit

HyperMac's portable charging systems are back on the market with a revamped product line that does not violate Apple's patents. HyperMac was faced with a patent lawsuit from Apple over the company's charging cables, which used Apple's MagSafe and 30-pin connectors. The company stopped selling the i...

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Delta Airlines to install gate-area charging stations in 19 U.S. airports

Delta Airlines is helping to make life a bit easier for travelers that hope to top off their batteries before getting onto a plane. Until now, fliers often had to scour the corners of gate areas to find an available outlet to scrounge some spare electrons. Last week, the world's largest airline...

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Power your iPad from underpowered USB ports

The new iXP1-500 Dongle claims to eliminate the "Not charging" issue that some iPad owners experience when connecting to older machines. We haven't tested one, but our initial instinct is dubious at best. Shortly after the iPad was released in the US, users noticed a "charging issue." Specificall...

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Empowering your iPhone with Scosche's passPORT

iPod car stereo integration is great. You can control your music library with your car stereo's controls. In some cases, you can see track info like artist, song and album information. Best of all, your iPhone's charging via a dock connector while all of this is happening -- that is, if you have a ...

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Driver updates for charging iPad on PCs

If you're one of the many iPad customers having issues with charging, there may be relief in sight. A few popular PC motherboard manufacturers have released new drivers for their mobos that supposedly enable (or help with) iPad charging. If you have an ASUS, Gigabyte, or MSI motherboard, you can ...

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Quickertek selling solar panel for iPad

Back at Macworld, I checked out a company on the show floor that made solar (photovoltaic) panels. I was hoping to see a panel for sale ready to charge the iPhone, because an easy-to-use panel at a reasonable price would have probably had me opening my wallet on the spot. Unfortunately, they only ma...

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Confirmed: "Not charging" iPad does recharge

When TUAW reader Gregory P. wrote to us yesterday, claiming his "Not charging" iPad was, in fact, charging, I admit I was pretty skeptical. After all, the new iPads have been widely reported to be incompatible with USB hubs and lower-power USB ports. Gregory claimed to have charged up his new iPad ...

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Consumer Reports discovers iPad charging issues

Consumer Reports has discovered that thus far, iPads can not be recharged using the USB ports on any non-Apple computer. The places where the iPad did charge, in their tests, included an iMac and a MacBook Pro. The iPad would not charge using any USB ports on several Windows machines, nor through...

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Charge your iPhone wirelessly

Do you have Pre-envy due to the Touchstone and wireless charging capabilities? Well, good news then. A company called WildCharge has stepped in to give you similar charging capabilities with your original iPhone or iPod touch. The bundle is just shy of $80 and includes the charging pad and a gel ski...

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External battery packs for Mac laptops

In what looks like a first for the Mac laptop line, support of MacBook and MacBook Pro owners everywhere, a 3rd party is offering external battery packs for MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook air models. The batteries, from Sanho in California, are available in 4 different capacities, 60Wh, 100Wh, 150...

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iYo Yo-Yo almost certainly doesn't work

Seriously? I have to say: I don't buy it. I really don't believe that you could pull enough power to charge an iPhone out of an inducting yo-yo, but that is apparently exactly what the iYo Yo-Yo claims to be. It's not actually in production yet (or even produced, singular -- there's a demo of a re...

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Apple files patent for solar charging

Our sister blog, Engadget, noted yesterday that Apple has filed a patent for transparent photovoltaic cells that can cover portable devices. This means your iPod, iPhone or MacBook might be coated in a layer of clear, power-charging solar cells. Motorola already has a similar patent, though it only...

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