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Tag: charity

TRVL magazine to donate subscription fees to charities

TRVL is a free electronic travel magazine for the iPad that I raved about in September. The beautiful photography, layout, and typography all make it a standout among the usual junk that passes for e-magazines these days, and TRVL was free, which made it a no-brainer to subscribe to. The magazi...

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Apple cake pops made to raise money to fight pancreatic cancer

A baker in England has made these gorgeous cake pops (featuring some Apple logos and Steve Jobs's likeness) to raise some donation money for a pancreatic cancer charity. The pops will go on sale next Wednesday in London, when cake blogger and maker "Miss Cakehead" is set to open up a "Steve Job...

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Bono compares Steve Jobs to Elvis

U2 lead singer Bono paid tribute to Steve Jobs with kind comments for the man who turned the music industry upside down with the iPod and iTunes. Bono called Jobs "the hardware/software Elvis" and described him as a man who was "only interested in doing truly great things." Speaking of his infl...

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Humble Indie Bundle team offers a Frozen Synapse Bundle

The Humble Indie Bundle guys are back with another pay-what-you-want bundle of games. Proceeds from your purchase may be directed to the developers or to charity, in any combination you like. This time around, they're focusing on the turn-based strategy game Frozen Synapse, offering it up to an...

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NimbleBit donates 35 iPads and more to charity

It's not like we needed more reasons to love brothers David and Ian Marsh of NimbleBit. First off, they make terrific free (and lucrative) games like Pocket Frogs and Tiny Tower. Second, they're super nice and very supportive in the developer community. Third, they're humble and smart, keeping ...

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Apple launches charitable matching program for employees

MacRumors has confirmed that Apple has instituted a program to match its employees' charitable donations, up to US$10,000 per year. It's restricted to full-time employees in the U.S. for now, but the company hopes to expand that. Tim Cook announced the initiative to Apple's employees earlier to...

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Hit the iPhone snooze button and help charity

There's no shortage of interesting and creative iOS apps and Snooze is one of them. It's an alarm clock app developed by Letgive, a charitable donation company. The app lets you set an alarm and will donate money (US$0.25) to one of Letgive's non-profit organizations each time you press the sno...

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Humble Indie Bundle 3 announced, includes Cogs, VVVVVV, And Yet It Moves

The Humble Indie Bundle is back at it again, offering five new indie gaming titles for one low choose-your-own price. This time around, they've got Crayon Physics Deluxe, 3D puzzler Cogs, the excellent retro platformer VVVVVV, Hammerfight, and the award-winning puzzler/platformer And Yet It Mov...

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Zynga, Ngmoco donating to Japan through iOS games

Giant gaming company Zynga has joined the Japanese relief effort by enabling in-game donations in FrontierVille, FarmVille, CityVille and other games. A full 100 percent of the virtual goods' purchase prices will be donated to Tsunami relief, and Zynga is partnering with the Save the Children to ...

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iPhonewzealand app proceeds donated to NZ Red Cross Earthquake Appeal

Many New Zealand-based Mac and iOS developers are rallying to help the city of Christchurch following its recent devastating earthquake. NZ-based tech blog iPhonewzealand is the latest to join in these efforts. The site's old iPhone app has been withdrawn from the App Store, and in its place ...

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Apple joining effort to build $2 billion hospital

Apple has joined up with other computer firms, including eBay, HP and Intel, in an effort to build a brand new hospital in Stanford, near Palo Alto, CA. The hospital is expected to cost over US$2 billion, and $550 million of that will be donated and raised by the corporate partners program, which A...

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SEC forms show Apple execs donated $3 million in 2010

A few Securities and Exchange Commission forms filed this week show that Apple executives gave shares of Apple stock to various charities right around mid-December. The stocks added up to a value of about three million dollars across the four executives that gave. Unfortunately, none of the chariti...

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Indie games on sale for iPhone (and a good cause)

The popular Humble Indie Bundle for the Mac has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity and has become an inspiration for other indie developers looking to follow their lead. In that spirit, six independent iPhone game developers have banded together and are offering their games at a US...

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Humble Indie Bundle hits $1.2 million, promises Steam integration

The Humble Indie Bundle 2 has reached $1.2 million in revenue, topping the last offering, and there are five days left to go, so the turnout for the pay-what-you-want gaming pack should be pretty spectacular. All of the games were previously announced as released on both Mac and PC, but the group h...

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TUAW's Daily App: Winta

I first covered Winta (styled WINtA on the App Store) back at GDC Online in October, and found it an enjoyable music game from the creator of Parappa the Rapper, Masaya Matsuura. It's a simple title -- different shapes appear on screen, and the player is meant to tap them in order, which ends up go...

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