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Rabbit aims to lift the limits on video chat, Mac beta coming next year

Considering how long it took for the videophone to truly reach the mass market -- the first public video telephony service was launched in Germany more than 75 years ago -- it's pretty remarkable how many video chat options we have today. From FaceTime to Microsoft's Skype to Cisco's WebEx, F...

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Imo offers free voice calling for iOS users

The imo instant messenger app has been updated to add voice calls. The app can communicate with your friends on any almost IM network, including Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype, MSN, ICQ/AIM and more. With this latest update the app adds high quality voice calls. To place a call, you tap a co...

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Biscotti and telyHD set-top video chat both get Father's Day upgrades

Combine geek-dad gadget lust with the promise of an easier way to stay in touch with faraway family, and you can see how the latest generation of standalone video chat boxes might have a good sales story to tell for this Father's Day weekend. While Cisco's discontinued ūmi never caught on in a ...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT

This is just a subtle reminder that TUAW's weekly live streaming video broadcast, AKA TUAW TV Live, will be coming your way this afternoon at 5 PM EDT / 2 PM PDT. The topic will probably drift depending on what you -- the viewers -- want to talk about in the chat room, so bring your Apple quest...

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TUAW TV Live: iPads, apps, accessories, and trivia

Welcome back to another thrilling episode of TUAW TV Live! On today's show, I'll be doing the regular round of demos along with discussion with the chat room about the new iPad, and ending the show with another fun round of Apple trivia. As usual, the show will get underway at exactly 5 PM EDT / 2...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT: iPhone anticipation episode

Apple's announced the upcoming event at which we all hope to hear about a new iPhone or two, and I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl with anticipation. Well, as giddy as a 54 year-old guy can get, y'know? Today on TUAW TV Live, I want to share some thoughts and hopes for the new device(s) with you, an...

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Exclusive: TinyChat to enable location-linked video chat on iPhone 4

When it comes to ad-hoc video chatting with friends, strangers or space aliens, the heir apparent to the Chatroulette throne is TinyChat. This Flash-based video-chatting service, launched in 2009, lets you create chatrooms on the fly. You and several friends can all broadcast, while more attende...

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AT&T CEO promises improved service from T-Mobile deal

Businessweek had a chat recently with AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, and he told them that the pending merger with T-Mobile would have the intended effect of improving service and capacity on the networks for all of AT&T's devices, including, of course, the iPhone. "Virtually on the day y...

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TUAW TV Live: How would you improve the Mac OS?

Today on TUAW TV Live it's all about the chat. I've sent out a tweet requesting input on what people think are features that are ripe for improvement in the Mac operating system, and we'll be bashing around some of those ideas in a free-for-all discussion about our favorite OS. As usual, I have...

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So what works with FaceTime?

Apple comes to the rescue with a KnowledgeBase posting that will give you all the details on what systems are capable of using FaceTime. As you may know, FaceTime HD is a new feature of the just released MacBook Pro line, and Apple has taken FaceTime for the rest of us out of beta and made it a US...

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And here comes the FaceTime porn

FaceTime live sex chat is for real, courtesy IP4Play (link goes to an adult site, likely NSFW). It's a natural extension of phone sex lines and chat cams, and plenty of people had the idea when Apple unveiled FaceTime. After all, the white-hot fervor around Chatroulette had just died down when the i...

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37signals buys Ember, kindles an official Campfire iPhone app

Campfire, from 37signals, is a web-based group chat tool that uses secure chat rooms to allow groups to collaborate from wherever they are. A little over a year ago, the developers at Overcommitted came out with an iPhone client for Campfire. That app, Ember, cost $9.99, and was an excellent tool fo...

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The FaceTime promo video that's not what you think

Last month a pair of actors inadvertently revealed that Sam Mendes, director of American Beauty, was holding auditions for an Apple TV ad that featured an as-yet unnanounced video chat feature on the iPhone 4. Although the Web is all abuzz with links to the promo video made for FaceTime that prem...

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TUAW TV Live: the all-Mac episode

As we promised earlier today, TUAW TV Live is all about Macs this week. If you've been weary of all the talk about iPads and iPhones, we hope that today's show will be a splash of refreshing and juicy Macness. We'll be starting at around 5 PM EDT sharp, and all you need to do to watch or join in is ...

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Tidbits from today's TUAW iPad 3G liveblog

This afternoon's Cover It Live liveblog with TUAW readers provided us with some great info about the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, which is available from Apple today! Here are some interesting notes provided by readers, our own bloggers Erica Sadun and Steve Sande, and special guests (and iPhone/iPad developers...

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