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Wired finds bargain Nano Knockoff

For about $100 (£50), Wired has found a Nano clone that appears to offer more features than the $250 (£129) real thing. Your money buys you a 4GB player with video support, an FM tuner, and a built-in voice recorder. Wired's Charlie Sorrel describes the sales presentation as cheeky (don'...

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Lucky LEM writer finds a $25 iMac at a thrift store

Some people have all the luck. In this case, it's Adam Robert Guha over at LowEndMac who found a $25 Snow iMac at a thrift store. The store (obviously) didn't know much about it, so when he got the machine home he found that it had a 500 MHz PPC CPU, 30GB hard drive and 384 MB of RAM. Adam went for ...

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Cheap laptop shade

This laptop shade isn't going to win any beauty contests (though I bet it will garner so comments), but it is cheap and easy. So if you're worried about the MacBook's glossy screen worry not, as long as you have access to a cardboard box that is. [via Make]...

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iPods spotted at Sam's Club

I don't know how long this has been going on, but Sam's Club apparently carries the iPod. I spotted it at my neighborhood Club this weekend at the lowest price I've seen so far: $289.98 for a 5G 30 GB black model. Maybe they didn't want to let Cosco have all the fun in selling iMacs? No word on whet...

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