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FanGuide self-guided architectural tours for iPhone

Fans of great architecture love to take guided or self-guided tours to learn more about the buildings or homes designed by classic architects like Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Louis Sullivan. Guided tours are usually somewhat expensive and subject to the knowledge and whims of the tour...

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Apple will spend $4 million to renovate Chicago's North/Halsted triangle

Technically, I've now moved away from Chicago and am living in Los Angeles, but that doesn't mean I'm not still following the brand new Apple store being built at the intersection of North and Halsted in Chicago -- not only is that my old stomping grounds (I used to be a manager at that Borders), b...

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Find My iPhone location tracking enables all-city chase

We're not 100% convinced of the safety of his approach, but Kevin Miller's determination to recover his lost iPhone -- combined with the power of MobileMe's new Find My iPhone feature -- led him on a wild chase across Chicago, which he visited while he was attending a LEGO convention in nearby Whe...

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AT&T to provide underground service on Chicago subways

Good news for those of you who live with me here in Chicago and also don't have a car: while AT&T has gotten on the bad side of a lot of iPhone owners lately (seriously, that MMS delay is lame), they're at least doing one good deed for us Chicagoans. They've just announced that they're bringing ...

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Chicago Apple Store bricked Tuesday night

Police say an inebriated man threw a brick at the front window of Chicago's Magnificent Mile Apple Store on Tuesday night. The man also broke another window a short distance away. A Tribune photo shows a single broken panel of glass in front of one of Apple's "giant iPhone" displays. From the photo...

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Contest: Design the first three-sided Apple Store

Chicago's Halsted Street will soon be the site of a unique Apple Store -- the first with three sides exposed. When seated on the odd piece of land, the store will offer visibility from every direction and 650 linear feet of storefront. As you can see from the map at right, the architects at Bohlin ...

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New Apple Store at North and Clybourne in Chicago

My current city of Chicago isn't really suffering for Apple Stores -- the one on Michigan Avenue kind of makes up for any other missed areas around here, as it's the nicest and biggest one I've seen (but then again, I haven't been to the ones in New York near Mr. Rose). But it's good to hear that we...

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DOTS gloves let you use your iPhone even when it's cold

This is pretty brilliant in its own special way. Let's paint the scene -- you're wandering the cold streets of Chicago a few months from now, and you're wondering where the closest pizza place is. You whip out your iPhone to pull up the Google Maps application, but wait -- your hands are covered i...

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Testing the iPhone's fake GPS

Mac|Life has a pretty neat breakdown of just how the iPhone's faux GPS work (or doesn't work, depending on the situation). Long story short, the Locations feature is pretty darn close-- unless you really do need GPS. On average, it seems like triangulation put the guessed location (represented by ...

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Line walk, AT&T State Street and Apple Michigan Ave.

Click To Play Maybe it's just me, but I thought the State Street AT&T store line had much more verve and character than the Michigan Ave. Apple Store line. The Apple Store had Starbucks coffee being given out for free, but the State Street line turned back into a brickwalled al...

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iPhone Launch Gallery: Michigan Ave. in Chicago, IL

I braved the mean streets of Chicago to bring you, dear readers, photographic proof that Apple did in fact launch the iPhone today. Around 5:00, I strolled up State Street (that great street, I just gotta say) to the AT&T Store near the Chicago Theatre, where the nearby television station was ...

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Is that a yule log on your iPod?

WGN9 Chicago has the perfect holiday treat to go along with your video capable iPod, their famous Yule log! Available for download in an iPod compatible format, you'll (get it it?) be the talk of Christmas day with this little fire in your pocket. Best of all? This little nugget of Christmas nostalg...

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