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iBuku Pets lets you recycle your old iPhone by giving it to your kids

Rather than toss their old iPhone or iPod touch into the trash, an increasing number of parents are giving their worn down devices to their children as toys. I have to agree that an iPod touch with the right apps can be an enjoyable play thing for your little one, but that device is not made...

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Toca Tea Party offers iPad toddler play

Toca Tea Party (US$1.99) offers an interactive party suitable for the very youngest iPad users. With bright colors and highly defined interaction opportunities, it works best for limited play, where users can "pour" tea, "eat" cake and listen to jazzy music. This is not an app that will engage...

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Brøderbund's Living Books return for iPad via Wanderful

Some of you may not remember the early 1990s. Heck, some of you probably weren't born yet in the early 1990s. But for Mac users of a certain vintage, it was an exciting time. The growing popularity of CD-ROM drives paired with Mac II-series machines (did the IIci really cost over $6,200 at...

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What happens in a toddler's brain when they use an iPad

Those of us who have used traditional computers for a while think the iPad is pretty magical. t's super fast, super portable, and the direct interactivity is a very different experience from what we're used to with a mouse and keyboard. But those comparisons aren't as valid for children who are...

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Daily iPad App: The Little Girl Who Could Fly is a delightful interactive book for children

Today we are stepping outside our typical app reviews for the iPad and looking at an interactive book. Because of their interactive elements, these titles stray over into the app category. This particular title, The Little Girl Who Could Fly from YellowPixie, is an animated, illustrated...

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Daily iPhone App: Posterity lets you remember the cute things your kids say

Parents, you know what it's like. Your child says the cutest thing and by the time you find a piece of paper to jot it down, you've forgotten half of what he or she said. Instead of rushing for a pen, you should grab your iPhone and launch Posterity. Posterity is a step up from your average...

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Scholastic releases iPad e-reader app for kids

According to PaidContent, Scholastic brought its catalog of children's books to the iPad. The recently updated Storia app taps into Scholastic's ebook store which boasts of over 1,000 children's titles. The titles in the bookstore are organized by grade level, reading level, age and...

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Five apps to entertain and educate your toddlers

One of the best toys I had for my kids was Professor Owl, a talking owl that taught them the alphabet. Sadly, Professor Owl stopped working a few years ago and we've never been able to find a good replacement. Instead of continuing to buy cheap learning toys that break, my husband and I decided to...

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MakeGo turns your iPhone into a vehicle toy

MakeGo is quite an idea. It's an iPhone app, available for $1.99 right now, that turns the touchscreen of an iPhone (or iPod touch) into a vehicle-style toy, where you can play around and generate sounds for toys like a racecar, ice cream truck, or even a riverboat. But the genius of this one...

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Daily iPhone App: Cherish Kids saves your children's memories for a lifetime

Did you ever look at one your own baby photos and wonder how old you were when that photo was taken? Or perhaps, it's a grade school picture and you can't remember when you parents took you to Plimouth Plantation. If you're a parent there's no excuse for your kids to have these same questions when...

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Five apps to keep your young children entertained and educated

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about letting your children use an iPad. I mentioned locking it down, filling it with apps and letting them use the tablet in small increments. In a minor oversight, I didn't mention any of the apps that I put on my iPad. To make up for that mistake, I've decided...

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iPad is a nuisance for many Chinese parents

A report from the Beijing Evening News suggests Chinese parents are scuffling with their kids over iPads. It seems the iPad was the gift of choice for many children this past Chinese New Year, and now those youngsters are having a hard time putting their tablets aside. Exasperated parents don't...

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Daily iPhone App: Boogieman Radar

Boogieman Radar is a cute iPhone app for parents whose young children are afraid of a boogieman in their closet or under their bed. For parents, it's a virtual reality app with an overlay radar that you use to scan a room for boogiemen. For small children, it's a lifesaver that'll help them fall...

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Daily iPad App: Doodlecast

Doodlecast is one of several Doodling applications for the iPad that targets kids from 3- to 5-years-old. What separates Doodlecast from its competition is the ability to narrate the Doodle while your child is drawing. The app has a record option that'll record the drawing as the child creates...

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Daily iPad App: Looking Glass

Created by Project Comet, Looking Glass is an iPad app for children that's full of short videos about how things work or how they are made. The app ships with handful of videos for you to preview and over 100 are available via a monthly subscription. The subscription costs US$3.99 a month...

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