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Preview of Bartleby Vol. 2 iPad app shows possibility of future AirPlay integration

We covered Monster Costume's interactive children's book Bartleby in 2010, and multiple TUAW reviewers found it to be a charming and well-crafted iPad app. Monster Costume is hard at work on Bartleby Volume 2, and even though I don't have kids of my own and am about 25 years beyond the target a...

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Scott's Submarine adds some new twists to interactive children's books

The field of interactive children's books for iOS has become pretty staid as publishers have gotten used to using engines created for their first book and just plugging in new content. But Scott's Submarine (US$2.99), the first entry from Square Igloo, adds some great interactive touches that I ha...

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Ultimate Dinopedia brings dinosaurs to life on your iPad

The Ultimate Dinopedia (US$5.99) from National Geographic is a wonderful reference app that will quickly become the go-to source for kids who want to find out everything about dinosaurs. There are other dinosaur apps in the store, but this is by far the most complete and expansive. It started as a...

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Jack and Joe: A lovely interactive book for small children

Jack and Joe (US $2.99) is the first of what will surely become a series of interactive storybooks for small children from the Stupid Art Company. This is an independent universal app written and illustrated by Bard Hole Standal and programmed by his brother Odin Hall Standal. It's a 27 page bu...

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TUAW's Holiday Gift Guide: Interactive books for children

Welcome to the TUAW Holiday Gift Guide! We've sorted the treasure from the junk and are serving up suggestions to make your holiday gift-giving a little easier. Looking for an inexpensive gift for that special child in a home with an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch? You really can't do better than an...

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food fight! A pre-release view of the most beautiful iOS children's book yet

Note 11/6/10: food fight! has now been released and is available as Food Fight! - An Interactive Book by Glenn Melenhorst. It is on sale for US$1.99 during its introductory first week. food fight! is the most beautiful interactive children's book I've seen to date. It's currently going through...

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Violet for the iPad: an interactive children's book

Violet for the iPad (US$2.99) from My Black Dog Books is the latest entry in the emerging field of interactive books for children. Geared at children ages 4 and up, Violet is the first of a series of stories about a charming little girl with a big secret. The 20 page book tells a nice little tale...

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