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Tag: chillingo

Daily iPhone App: Knights of the Round Cable

At this point in the App Store's lifecycle, we're seeing a lot of copycats and reused ideas. Even some of the best apps out there are borrowing ideas and genres instead of creating something entirely new. But Knights of the Round Cable can't be accused of that -- it's one of the more original p...

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Daily iPhone App: The Act combines great cartoon art with iOS gameplay

The Act is, I will say, probably one of the most interesting experiments I've ever seen show up on the App Store. I don't know if it's entirely successful, but even at the current price of $2.99, I can wholeheartedly recommend it. It does some very interesting things with interactive storytelli...

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Daily iPhone App: Catapult King is beautifully destructive

Catapult King lacks innovation on the surface, unfortunately. It looks like an Angry Birds clone in 3D, and that's basically what it is. I say "unfortunately" because I hope that won't keep you from giving it a look anyway. I saw this title for the first time at E3 last week, and while I am not...

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Daily iPad App: Feed Me Oil HD

Chillingo's Feed Me Oil was released a little while ago, and it's a solid game that didn't get a ton of press when it first dropped. The reason for that is probably because it's somewhat similar to Where's My Water, in that you're trying to get a fluid simulation into a certain place on the scr...

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Daily iPhone App: This Could Hurt dodges danger with ease

I first saw Chillingo's latest title, This Could Hurt, at GDC earlier this year, and back then I didn't really get into it. It's a one-button title that I thought looked a little too simple. But after giving it a longer try post-release, there's actually a lot of surprising depth here. Yes, the...

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Daily iPhone App: Lock 'n' Load makes dual stick fun again

I can't keep up with everything Chillingo is putting out on the App Store lately -- they're really kicking out the jams over there. One of their latest titles is Lock 'n' Load, and even if, like me, you're tired of the well-traveled dual-stick shooter genre on iOS, this one's worth a look anywa...

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New games and updates on the App Store: Hunger Games, Dragonvale, more

Angry Birds Space wasn't the only big new release to hit the App Store last night. Here are some other noteworthy apps and updates that are now available (all prices are USD). Canabalt creator Adam Saltzman's new game, which is based on the upcoming Hunger Games movie, is now available as ...

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EA previews titles from Chillingo and Firemint: New Flight Control, Burnout Crash, more

EA had a large suite set up at GDC last week to show off its various new and recent offerings. Here's a quick roundup of what the company is working on for iOS, including among all of its recent acquisitions: PopCap, Firemint, and Chillingo. PopCap was up first -- the popular casual games develope...

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Some excellent new apps today: AAaaa!!, Hookshot Escape, lots more

It's Thursday, which means the new Apple-approved games and apps went up on the App Store yesterday, and there are quite a few good ones out this week. I'm not sure why devs decided to drop so many games on us (maybe just aiming to get them out by GDC next week), but if you need something to play ...

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Cut the Rope and Where's my Water getting toys, more content

The New York Toy Fair is on this week, and so collectors and toy buyers alike are hearing about all sorts of new products. And given that the iPhone is one of the largest brands around, it's probably no surprise that iOS-based game properties are very popular this year. Disney's Where's My Water i...

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Daily iPhone App: Spice Invaders

If you're tired of tower defense games, I don't blame you. Feel free to skip this post, but let me say this before you go: I wouldn't spotlight yet another tower defense game if it wasn't special. That's why Spice Invaders has made the cut. The standard tower defense tropes are in place. Build and...

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App Store holiday sales on now: GTA 3, id software, Dungeon Raid, lots more

The App Store freeze goes down today, so this is the last chance for many developers to put their apps on sale. And of course, many have taken advantage of that chance. Before we even start listing sales today, many of the sales previously listed, including EA and Gameloft's whole-catalog ...

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Daily iPhone App: Extraction Project Outbreak

Extraction: Project Outbreak is a recent title from Chillingo that's an interesting mix of shooter and what's essentially real-time strategy. You control one soldier as you fight through a series of missions, and the control scheme is pretty interesting. You touch on the screen to move around f...

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Daily iPhone App: Superman

This one kind of came out of left field -- there isn't really any reason for Chillingo to release a Superman game, especially one created by Flash developer Tiger Games. Superman games in general don't usually work well anyway: How exactly do you put a challenge on pretending to be the Man of S...

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SpellTower, Chickon, Superman and lots of other iOS releases today

Believe it or not, we are getting into the start of the holiday season, and that means tons of action on the App Store as people head over to buy apps for their new devices. There are a bunch of exciting new apps to check out today, so here's a quick list: Hothead Games (makers of Kard Com...

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