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China Telecom awaiting CDMA iPhone 4

Rumors that Apple and China Telecom are close to inking a deal to bring the iPhone 4 to a second wireless carrier in China may be premature. The latest report from Digitimes suggests the deal may be held up by the lack of a SIM card slot in the CDMA iPhone 4. Earlier information from Chinese ne...

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Apple's mobile partner in China announces its own iPhone rival

The parent company of China Unicom, Apple's sole partner for carrying the iPhone in China, revealed plans on Monday to release its own mobile computing platform. Dubbed "Wophone," the platform will compete directly with Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Last year, Apple partnered with China Unic...

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CDMA iPhone 4 may land on China Telecom in June

Chinese news sites are reporting that China Telecom has overcome technical challenges with the CDMA iPhone 4 and is prepared to launch the handset as early as June. Details were sparse, but engineers have reportedly developed a workaround for the lack of a SIM slot in the CDMA iPhone 4. Availab...

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China Telecom close to inking deal with Apple for the CDMA iPhone 4

In a research note, Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White suggest China Telecom is close to completing a deal with Apple to carry the CDMA iPhone 4. White cites a report on Chinese website NetEase that claims one branch of the wireless operator is already accepting pre-orders for the CDMA iPhon...

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CDMA iPhone 4 production increased to meet anticipated demand

According to the Asian newspaper Digitimes, production of the CDMA iPhone 4 may climb as high as 15 million units for 2011. Pegatron Technology is reportedly delivering its first batch of CDMA iPhone 4 handsets to Apple and has originally projected internally that it would manufacture 10 million un...

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China Unicom to start selling the iPhone in October

Hong Kong-based China Unicom released details today concerning its August announcement of a three-year deal to sell the iPhone. Sales of the iPhone will begin in October, dovetailing with its October 1st 3G network launch, and will be priced at approximately 5000 Yuan, or around US$730. The iPhone w...

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