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China gets the iPad

As you can see in the video above, China finally got the iPad (officially) this week, and Mac fans there were pretty excited about it. The device went on sale this morning at the Apple Stores in Beijing and Shanghai, and hundreds of people stood in the rain -- one man was there waiting for two da...

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OpenFeint coming to Android

I've often wondered why, instead of creating their own social gaming platform with Game Center, Apple didn't just swallow up a successful third-party platform like OpenFeint. Now, it seems that Apple may have lost its chance: OpenFeint announced this morning, after another multi-million dollar round...

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Rumor: Chinese manufacturers building cases (with cameras) for new iPod touch, nano

Here's a story that, strangely, makes sense. Cult of Mac is saying that these cases above are already being made by Chinese manufacturers, in advance of what they call the "worst-kept secret in China": that Apple will be announcing new versions of the iPod touch and the iPod nano in September, com...

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iTunes gift cards cracked

This seems like bad news for Apple, to say the least. A few Chinese websites are now selling $200 gift certficates to iTunes for less than a few bucks, which means that it's likely hackers have figured out the algorithm to determine gift codes on Apple's music store. As with most online codes, iTune...

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Apple to include Chinese handwriting recognition in iPhone 2.0

One of our tipsters, Kenneth, pointed us to a Chinese web page (Google translation) showing what appears to be an iPhone running some sort of handwriting recognition geared especially for Chinese characters. According to the post, this is how Apple will integrate Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)...

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Learn your ideograms with iChinese

Matthias Huber wrote in to tell us about his new iChinese system that helps you learn your characters. iChinese uses the iPhone's touch-based interface to teach users how to write the characters on-screen. It's available by adding the repository to I don't spe...

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NYT on gray market iPhones

The Gray Lady has published a piece examining the so-called "gray market" for iPhones in China -- legitimate products transferred through not-so-legitimate channels. Though we of course have no idea how prevalent this was before the rise of the 'Net, I have to think that the shrinking global neighbo...

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Found Footage: A Chinese iPhone rip-off

Oh those endearing Chinese manufacturers - what would the electronics industry be without at least a few crappy knockoff products to keep original manufacturers on their toes? (Answer: companies like Apple could probably lay off a few lawyer infantries, but that's a whole 'nother conversation.) E...

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Foxconn sues reporter over iPod factory conditions story

Foxconn knows that when your image has been tarnished with, oh let's say, suspicion of abusive labor practices that there is only one way to win the world back to your side. Sue the two journalists who wrote the story for 500 times what they will make in their lives and freeze their assets. Doesn't ...

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Live Macworld coverage in Chinese

Good news for any of our TUAW readers who prefer Chinese over English: our sibling-blog Chinese Engadget plans to live blog all the announcements at this year's Macworld in both simplified and traditional Chinese. Very cool. I wish I knew some Chinese so that I could insert a very witty Chinese ta...

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