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WSJ: Apple moving into chip design

Papermaster. Drebin. Koduri. A law firm specializing in intellectual property? The backcourt starters for the Toronto Raptors? Three key graphics-chip experts now all on the Apple payroll? If you had option C on your answer card, congratulations: now you get to join the WSJ and Forbes in reading the...

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Apple investigates heat-to-electricity chip from Eneco

Apple Insider reports that a new chip that could convert heat into energy. The new "solid state energy conversion generation chip" is under development by chip maker Eneco. It works by grabbing electrons from a hot metal plate, passing them across a vacuum to a cold metal plate and capturing the res...

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AMD acquires ATI for $5.4 billion

AMD, the #2 CPU maker in the world, has announced a purchase of ATI, a leading graphics card manufacturer, for $5.4 billion. IMG has more details on the buyout and the business end of things, but we're more interested in finding out what exactly this means for the Mac market. ATI currently supplies ...

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Is Apple first in line this January for the Yonnah?

Engadget picked up on a post from ThinkSecret claiming that Apple could announce portables at Macworld '06 that just might be the some of the first available on the market to have Intel's new Yonah chips inside. Getting this close to Macworld there's no shortage of buzz and rumors flying around abou...

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