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Chrome for iOS updated, improves voice search and speed

Google has updated Chrome for iOS to version 27, bringing with it a number of new features aimed at Apple users looking for a Siri alternative. Like the recently updated desktop and Android versions, iOS users can verbally ask Chrome a question and get a verbal response. Chrome now talks back to...

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Make an SSB with Chrome on the Mac

A site-specific browser (SSB) is a great way to "package" a web app you use every day into a dockable, clickable app that maintains its own cookies, settings and preferences versus your everyday web browser config. On the Mac, the easiest way to make an SSB is via the handy Fluid app, which suppor...

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Google: Voice Search coming to Chrome for iOS soon

Yesterday TUAW showed you how voice search on Chrome for Mac has improved, now providing eerily Siri-like functionality in Google Search. According to a post yesterday on the Google Chrome Blog, the next target for voice search is iOS -- and we should see the update in just a few days. The update...

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Make Chrome open iTunes store links in iTunes

If you're having a hard time getting iTunes and App Store links to launch from Google Chrome right to the app from your browser, MacStories editor-in-chief Federico Viticci has found a nice workaround in the App Store support community. The workaround requires editing program files, so be careful...

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Pocket for Safari and Chrome updated with tag autocomplete and more

Pocket, the handy app that lets you "pocket" articles from the web to read later on Mac or iOS, saw a noteworthy update to its companion plugins for Safari and Chrome today. Among the notable new features is the auto-completion of tags, along with the ability to save articles from Reddit, Twitt...

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Friday Favorite: Exif Everywhere reveals the data that's hidden in photos

Everyone enjoys a good photography-driven website, but folks with a technical eye can't look at an image without wondering what camera took that shot, what settings were used and where it was taken. Exif Everywhere from MyLove Company is a browser extension and desktop app that provides those d...

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Chrome for iOS adds Passbook features, text encoding and more

If you're a devoted Chrome fan, particularly its iOS iteration, you're no doubt familiar with the regular update cycle that constantly adds new features and crushes existing bugs. As TNW reports, Chrome just received a few iOS-specific touches that once again make the popular browser incrementa...

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Flash finally sandboxed in Google Chrome for OS X

The fastest web browser on the Mac just got a little safer. With Chrome 23, Google has introduced a "sandboxed" version of the Adobe Flash plug-in, which helps prevent its use in exploits that could allow harmful code to be run without the user's knowledge. Computerworld reports that Google eng...

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Chrome 19 found to be fastest browser on Mac

Google's Chrome browser has quickly become the choice for many web denizens searching for the fastest browsing experience. And while the latest browser report from New Relic confirms that Chrome is indeed your best bet for speed, the latest versions aren't actually getting any faster. The data s...

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Java 7 and Chrome don't play well together

In the immortal words of Lando Calrissian, "This deal keeps getting worse all the time." Apple's recent Java update removes the Java 6-compatible web plugins from OS X, forcing users that need Java in the browser to move to Oracle's Java runtime, which is at version 7. From a security and suppo...

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Chrome for iOS updated with new social and stability features

Google has posted an update for the iOS version of its browser Chrome, and the app now features the ability to share content via Google's own G+ network, Facebook or Twitter. The update also has a host of bug fixes per user feedback, according to the changelog, so it should be faster and work s...

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Google API hopes to help iOS app links open in Chrome

Google's Chrome browser for iOS has a lot of features to love, but unfortunately for most of us who use it, we still find that clicking a link in another app only opens that link in Safari. Google is hoping to rectify this issue by providing developers with sample code that checks whether or not ...

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Google Chrome 22 dev release drops OS X Leopard support

Changes are coming for Chrome users who are running Mac OS X Leopard. According to reports in Ars Technica and CNET, Google is dropping support for OS X 10.5 with Chrome version 22.0.1201.0, which is now available in Chrome's developer channel. This version will make its way eventually into the p...

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Chrome for iOS: A quick hands-on look at Google's mobile browser

Many iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users know of only one browser -- Apple's Mobile Safari. But the recent introduction of Google Chrome for iOS (free) brings a new and powerful web browser to the platform that provides some compelling functionality not found in Safari. Let's take a look. Chrome...

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Chrome for iOS moves to top spot of App Store

Google's Chrome browser debuted in the iOS App Store last week and within hours the app climbed to the top of the App Store free chart. A few days later and the app has accrued over 7300 ratings and is still the #1 free app in the iOS App Store. Chrome for iOS will appeal to desktop Chrome us...

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