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Macs account for more than 1/4 of all back-to-school PC sales

Numbers from the NPD Group's Weekly Tracking Service show that Macs reached an all-time high percentage of back-to-school PC sales this year, with 26.8 percent of all personal computers sold in the U.S. between Independence Day and Labor Day coming from the Cupertino company. The numbers, via App...

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Apple dumps 'highest-resolution notebook ever' tagline thanks to Chromebook Pixel

Apple's 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro was advertised as the world's second-highest resolution notebook, sitting right behind the company's 15-inch Retina model. That coveted position changed hands when Google introduced its Chromebook Pixel and grabbed that number two spot. As noted by 9to5Mac, Ap...

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Chromebook 101: How to make your new toy more Apple-y

Steve is a deeply bad influence. He started the trend, which prompted me to order my own Chromebook (although I had been waiting to pull the trigger for several weeks). Slowly this US$250 MacBook-wannabe has been infiltrating TUAW households. It's great for kids. It's a unit you don't mind ta...

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TUAW Smackdown: Google Chromebook vs. Apple iPad, MacBook Air

The Google Chromebook, the Samsung-built subnotebook designed for the Chrome browser-only OS, appeared on the market about a month ago. As soon as the MacBook Air-lookalike device showed up online, the TUAW newsroom erupted in discussions about whether or not it would make a good low-cost compu...

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Spacetime Studios' MMOs go cross-platform with a Chrome release

I've been a fan of Spacetime Studios' MMOs on the iPhone for a while now. That's right -- while multiplayer and even massively multiplayer games are easy to find these days, Spacetime Studios was doing a full-scale World of Warcraft-style MMO back in the early days of iOS with Pocket Legends. T...

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