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Blinded by the light? RadTech's ClearCal may save your eyes

Since Apple made the design decision to forgo glare-free screens on MacBooks, iMacs, and Cinema Displays, a common problem for lots of users is reflection of light off of displays. It seems to be particularly bad if you sit with your back to a window, and it can cause both figurative and literal hea...

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The case of the missing monitor

The e-mails have been arriving here at TUAW headquarters for a good portion of the morning with many asking the same question: "What happened to the 20-inch Cinema Display?" It's true. A check of the direct link to the 20-inch Cinema Display's page reroutes you directly to the main Apple page. The p...

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LED Cinema Displays now available

Apple's LED Cinema Displays, announced at a special event in October, are finally available on the Apple Store online, and at Apple retail locations, which should make Cory happy. The LED Cinema Display, which is more suitable as a laptop docking station more than another monitor for your desktop Ma...

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Apple discontinues 23" Cinema Display

While some of us are waiting to purchase the new 24" LED Cinema Display, Apple has quietly pulled the old 23" Cinema Display from the online store. Apple is still selling the 20" and 30" Cinemas, but they have put the words "Ships: Discontinued" on the 23" model. I'm sure these are very sad words fo...

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Engadget goes hands-on with new Apple products

Just in case you missed the Apple event today, they released some pretty neat upgrades to their notebook line, and a new 24" LED Cinema display. While we were not invited to the fun party, our sister blog, Engadget was -- and they took some awesome hands-on photos. So far, they have played around...

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New Cinema Displays finally arrive with iSight cameras, MagSafe connectors

In a move that surprised everybody and nobody simultaneously, Apple has released a brand-new 24-inch LED Cinema Display to spruce up the languishing product line. In addition to a new form factor that brings their look in line with newer iMacs (and now the new MacBook and MacBook Pro models announce...

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Rumor mill: August 7 iMac announcements... likely NOT true

[Update 1:15 pm -- And this is why we don't often post product rumors... indications are that this is coming from someone posing as our "reputable source," and other sites have received and debunked the rumor. We tried to reach the source for verification but were not able to do so. Our apologies if...

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Rig of the Week: Al Gore's setup

We're going to break from tradition this week and highlight a rig that is not a part of our flickr pool. At right we see former Vice President (and Apple Board member) Al Gore flanked by three huge Apple displays. We can only imagine where the computer powering those things is located in that clutte...

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Apple drops Cinema Display prices

If you're going to be buying on of those new Mac Pros, you're going to want to get snazzy monitor to get with it. And who makes the snazziest monitors around? That's right, Apple! Luckily, Apple dropped the prices of their monitors across the board. The 20-inch and 23-inch displays got a price cut o...

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Rig of the Day: How many Macs

Some guys (or girls) have all the luck. While it's true that I own many Macs, the vast majority of them (ok, all but two) weren't manufactured in this decade...and most of those don't really work. So you can understand why I'm jealous envious of prunejuice's (great name) snapshot featuring a Powerb...

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30" Cinema Displays receive a boost

It's not anything too major, but still notable. Eagle-eyed shoppers at the online Apple Store may have noticed a change in the 30" Cinema Display's specs. Specifically, brightness has been boosted to 400 cd/2 (from 270 cd/m2). Also, the contrast ratio is now 700:1 (from 400:1). The price remain...

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Apple vs. Dell 30 inch displays

I wouldn't turn down either the Apple 30 inch Cinema HD Display or the Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP (also 30 inches) if someone wanted to give it to me. However, CNET has pitted these two monstrous monitors against one another to see which one is truly the best. Dell wins on price (it is $300 less than ...

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Rig of the Day: A nice home studio

Flickr user, TUAW reader, and slayer of the living dead Zombie Killer is responsible for today's Rig of the Day. His home studio features two 20" Cinema Displays, a dual 2.0GHz Power Mac G5, a couple guitars, a couple of basses and a whole rack of fun stuff. The snapshot has been carefully not...

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Rig of the Day: Your cube is naked

Today's rig features a Cube with a case that has been modded to be clear. Nice Cinema Display, turntable and an original iPod (cool). It's pretty hardcore geek to want to stare at a computer’s interior parts, but I like it. "My Desk!" posted by scottdog1515. If you'd like to see you...

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Rig of the Day: The studio

Today's rig features one serious G5-powered home studio. A huge Cinema Display surveys its domain from on high. Not being a professional musician, I don't even know what most of that stuff is, so maybe reader metanut can enlighten us? "Studio" posted by metanut. If you'd like to see your ...

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