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Aspyr bringing latest Civ 5 expansion to the Mac same day as PC

Firaxis has announced a brand-new expansion pack for Civilization 5, called Brave New World. The expansion, coming later on this summer, will add new civs, units, buildings and wonders to the game, along with the ability to create trade routes that circle the world, and ideologies that can be u...

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Field of Glory, Civ 5 out for OS X

Here's two good strategy game releases for Mac OS X this week (in case you want to spend a little time away from the family after the turkey's carved and eaten). First up, Freeverse has released a game called Field of Glory -- it's a turn-based hex strategy game that's originally based on a tableto...

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Free Realms now available for Mac, Civ V gets a date

Sony's Free Realms MMO is now available on the Mac. It was promised that it would be earlier this year, and sure enough, you can now download and play the free-to-play online game for yourself on Apple's platform. The port is courtesy of Transgaming, but the game's not all that tasking, so you shou...

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Civilization V coming to OS X soon

Remember when Civilization IV came out, and Mac users had to wait nearly a year for the game to come to OS X? You'd be forgiven for thinking the same thing would happen with Civilization V, especially since there's been no official word from either Firaxis or 2K on when the turn-based strategy epic...

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