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iPod 101: Make your iPod speak menu items

If you have a current generation iPod nano or classic, then you have the ability to access spoken menu items throughout the iPod. This is an accessibility feature that Apple built into the current iPod line, but I found that feature is handy while walking around, or driving, if you don't want to l...

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New iPod game: Tamagotchi

This week, Apple added a new game for the iPod nano and iPod classic. Tamagotchi: 'Round the World allows you to take care of a small pet, which you raise from birth. There are four pets to choose from, interactive environmental items, 6 mini games, and three activities to play with your pets. Ta...

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Apple Store back online, with changes

With the day's Apple news slowing down, the Apple store finally came back online after what seemed to be an eternity. We've been looking around and here are the changes that we found: New iPod nanos are now available for order and ship within 24 hours New iPod touches are available for order a...

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Outspring puts the final nail in QuickMail's coffin

Back in the summer of 1989, as an eager, green college intern for a major publishing company, I arrived on my first day of work to find that my office wasn't so much an office as it was a storage room. Sure, it had ample space and ventilation, but it was a glorified closet all the same -- home to my...

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Abandon your Sunday plans: Return to Dark Castle ships

As Brett noted in February, the long-in-development next installment of the classic Mac game Dark Castle has been expected "any day now" for years. Rent fans sing along with me: No Day But Today -- the release of Return To Dark Castle has finally happened, and you can buy the game at this moment fro...

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Scrabble, Mini Golf come to iPod family

Today Apple announced a new Scrabble iPod game and updated the Mini Golf game, both released by EA games. Mini Golf was one of the first iPod games, originally released in 2006, which allows you to "putt" through many different mini golf-like levels. Scrabble allows you to play a crossword-style g...

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Pursuing the Black Knight again: Return to Dark Castle

You may remember 1986 as the year of Greg LeMond's first Tour de France victory. Or maybe you were more consumed with following the early stages of the Iran-Contra Affair. Perhaps you were preoccupied with being born. In that case, you might not care about this post as much as those who spent the ye...

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Leopard: now with 100% less Classic

This Apple tech doc is making the rounds on the Mac blogs today. That's right folks, more than 5 years after Steve declared OS 9 dead (that's Classic to those of you who have only known OS X) it seems that Classic really is dead. Leopard will no longer run Classic apps, and Apple suggests you upgrad...

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Random album flash in iPod Classic

While a lot has been said about the iPod Touch, not much has been said about the new old standard, the iPod Classic. Kirk McElhearn has written a pretty scathing review of a feature that I didn't even notice-- that album artwork on the side while you're browsing music. Apparently it's not related to...

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iPod is now officially a Classic

While the iPod Touch will probably get all of the attention today, the iPod isn't going anywhere. Apple has rebranded it the iPod Classic, made it thinner, added more memory, put the CoverFlow interface in it, and turned it into a lean, mean music playing machine. But the best reason to buy the iP...

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The Mac collector

When we first got tipped this story (by RP-- thanks!), I was like "Oh boy, another guy who found a Newton on eBay and calls himself a Mac collector." But no, this guy is the real deal. He's got 100 Macs in his basement, including 30 Mac Classics and 18 original iMacs, as well as both a Lisa and a ...

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Macintosh Garden - Preserving Abandonware Games.

Abandonware is commercial software that is no longer sold, generally for obsolete platforms. Many of us have fond memories of hours whiled away years ago on classic (pre OS X) Macs playing games like Sim City 2000 or Indiana Jones that have since become abandonware. It's now possible get ahold of m...

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Run Classic on an Intel Mac

We have covered SheepShaver before here on TUAW, the PowerPC emulator that makes running Classic a possibility on Intel Macs so, but we just pointed out that it exists. The good folks at UNEASYsilence have gone through the trouble of putting together a tutorial on how to get Classic up and running o...

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GameRanger to drop OS 9 support, eventually

Inside Mac Games reports that GameRanger, the online Mac gaming service,  will stop supporting booting GameRanger client in OS 9 at some point this year. This should surprise no one since OS 9 hasn't been commercially available for years. Now, for you game crazy OS 9 holdouts, fear not. The cli...

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Damien found SheepShaver last February, and at the time this PowerPC emulation environment (great for running Classic on Intel Macs) had 'experimental' attached to its explanation. While I don't know if it can be referred to as a solid powerhouse environment even still, it seems to have come quite a...

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