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Apple must pay $3 million in damages for iPod dispute in Japan

The fact that Apple is on the receiving end of more lawsuits than any other company in tech is hardly surprising. In contrast, the fact that patent disputes pertaining to the iPod are still being litigated is somewhat surprising. Kyodo News is reporting that Apple recently found itself on the losin...

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Tony Fadell: First iPhone almost had a clickwheel

Tony Fadell recently appeared on The Verge's On The Verge talk show/web series, and he shared a tidbit about early versions of the iPhone, which he worked on as Senior VP of the iPod division at Apple back in 2006. The Verge says that Apple "seriously considered" a hardware keyboard for the ori...

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Apple removes click-wheel iPod games from iTunes

Coinciding with what we've heard about Apple making a product transition in the iPod line -- namely that the iPod classic and shuffle are to be discontinued, -- AppleInsider has pointed out that click-wheel iPod games are no longer available from the iTunes store. Previously, by clicking on the...

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Song Summoner and sequel coming to iPhone

I actually did buy Song Summoner, the strange, out-of-nowhere tactics RPG from Square Enix that was made for the iPod last year. Yes, that's right it was made for the iPod -- at a time when everyone was waiting to see pro apps on the iPhone and the iPod touch, Square released a game controlled with...

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Pantech phone with scroll wheel

The iPhone. Will they or won't they? That has been a constant topic of discussion amongst the Mac faithful for a long time. Along comes Pantech, a South Korean phone maker, who has introduced the phone to the right. What's that thing that looks like the iPod's click wheel? Why, it is Pantech's 'revo...

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Apple's special deals section filled to brim, hemmoraging iPods

While I was pondering whether the introduction of Remote Desktop 3 was worthy of shutting down the Apple Store this morning, C.K. pointed out that Apple also updated their Special Deals section. A lot. I can't remember the last time I've had to scroll this much on a page in the Apple Store. It looks...

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Why doesn't the Front Row remote have a click wheel?

As I was writing up my previous post about a Designtechnica article praising the Front Row remote for its simplicity and iPod-like ease of use, a question came to mind: if the Front Row remote is another extension of Apple's easy-to-use ideals, why doesn't it posses a click wheel? That round white ...

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