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German Mac clone maker claims it won't face Psystar's legal troubles

Matthias Kremp, of German periodical Der Spiegel, has an interesting story about PearC, "Der PC mit Mac OS X." You don't need Google Translate to figure out what that means, though a mechanical translation of the story is available here. PearC is offering three flavors of Mac clones in Germany, star...

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Found Footage: iPhone clone demo video

If you are in the market for a non-iPhone cellphone that has the features/look of an iPhone, then look no further than this iPhone clone. Unlike the Instinct, this cellphone could very well be the real iPhone killer. According to Electronista, the device could be running a hacked version of Windo...

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Open Tech is up for sale

Just as quickly as Open Tech opened up, the Mac clone creator has decided to put itself up for sale. Of course, we're not sure who would buy a company that could be sued at anytime by the Mothership. Open Tech has information about the sale on their website. For just $50,000 (payable via PayPal, odd...

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Engadget goes hands-on with a Psystar

Earlier this month, Psystar announced their intention to sell Leopard-ready, Core 2 Duo minitowers for $399US. The announcement drew a lot of attention, including that of Apple Legal. Still, a few machines have arrived in the wild, and yesterday some lucky owner posted a very brief video of his Psys...

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Video of Psystar's Mac clone

Much has been written about whether or not Psystar's Mac clone, the Open Computer, actually exists, let alone if it's legal. A Gizmodo reader sent in some video of his Open Computer booting up and running Leopard. Software Update doesn't work, and the chances of Apple supporting this thing are less ...

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First commercial Hackintosh announced by Psystar

As noted by some of our tipsters last night and published today on Ars and MacRumors, a company called Psystar (site currently down, for legal or technical reasons, who can say?) is offering to sell you a $399 "OpenMac" Core 2 Duo minitower that is ready to run Leopard, and for $554 you can get it w...

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Found Footage: I think we're a clone now

John sent along this music video called 'I think we're a clone now' which was filmed during the heady times when Apple just announced their licensing program. The PowerPC was the King of the Jungle, and it looked like Intel was on the ropes. Surely Mac clones would take over the market. We all kn...

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Who needs an Intel Mac? Sign me up for a PowerPC G6 Macintosh

Intel Macs are so yesterday. I'm all about the "PowerPC G6 Macintosh," and it's only $499 to boot! Engadget found a company (who might have already been threatened/litigated out of existence by the time you read this) by the name of Red PC who is selling a computer they call the "PowerPC G6 Macintos...

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