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OpeniMac is now selling Mac clones

The thing about clones is, they keep regenerating. The latest manufacturer we've noticed, Argentina-based OpeniMac, has begun selling Mac clones. As if using the word "iMac" wasn't adequate bait for Apple's lawyers, who are probably en route at this very moment, OpeniMac has begun selling two com...

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Apple: Psystar clones part of a larger conspiracy

Earlier this year, manufacturer Psystar began selling computers capable of running Mac OS X Leopard. They've gotten the Mac community's attention, and Apple's. Of course, Psystar found themselves involved with Apple legal shortly after their announcement. That was no surprise, but this week's news k...

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Psystar countersues Apple

The Psystar saga continues. Back in April, Psystar went public with the first commercial Hackintosh clones. For US$554, they'd send you a Core 2 Duo minitower with Mac OS X preinstalled. In June, they released rack-mount servers with Leopard Server preinstalled in both 1U (starting $1599) and 2U (st...

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Open Tech plans to release Mac clones

A few years ago, I was walking through downtown Boston with my Burger King bag and Coke. I ran into a friend in Kenmore Square who was on his way into a pizza joint. He asked me to join him and we both sat down. As I unwrapped my Whopper, anticipating the greasy goodness that would undoubtedly short...

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Apple sues Psystar for license violations, copyright infringement

Like we didn't see this one coming: Apple is suing Psystar for copyright infringement. Psystar is the interesting little startup Mac-clone maker who allowed Mac OS X to run on their systems without the consent of Apple. In its license agreement, you are not allowed to run Mac OS X on any non-Apple...

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Wired finds bargain Nano Knockoff

For about $100 (£50), Wired has found a Nano clone that appears to offer more features than the $250 (£129) real thing. Your money buys you a 4GB player with video support, an FM tuner, and a built-in voice recorder. Wired's Charlie Sorrel describes the sales presentation as cheeky (don'...

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Where OS X 'Big Cat' code names REALLY come from

OK, so imagine this: You're Apple Computer, Inc. (still) and it's December 1997. You've just blocked British Mac-clone maker Shaye from licensing Mac OS 8, thereby putting it pretty much out of luck for new products; in fact, Shaye will revert to selling genuine Apple gear at the end of the year. St...

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Mac OS X on Beige Boxes; An Excellent Essay

An excellent essay written by Codepoet at popped up on my news radar today:  Should Apple Sell Mac OS X For Beige Boxes. And I'm shocked that at the time of this writing, its read count is only 56. This essay is too well-written and makes too many cogent points to have only been ...

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