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The T-Mobile Sidekick data failure, and what it means to iPhone users

You may not have heard about the recent loss of data for T-Mobile Sidekick users; after all, this is an Apple-focused site and there probably aren't as many Sidekick owners out there as there are iPhone users. I'll explain the situation, and how it could happen to anyone depending on cloud-based dat...

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Apple making nice with MobileMe customers

After a less than stellar debut last year, Apple is doing a better job of communication with MobileMe customers who need to decide if they want to stay on as paid users or try other options. In an email to subscribers, Apple says it has been working hard on getting MobileMe up to spec. The email det...

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Apple to take iWork '09 online?

With just under a week left before Macworld 2009, the rumor mill is turning out many rumors. One new rumor, proposed by 9to5 Mac, suggests that Apple may be taking their iWork suite of software online. iWork is Apple's answer to an office suite, and combines a word processor (Pages), presentation so...

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