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Tag: cloud storage

iTwin allows you to share files with PCs securely over the web

iTwin has added official public Mac compatibility to its innovative file sharing USB stick that allows users to transfer or share files across Macs or PCs no matter where they are in the world. After selecting which files to share users can simply plug one half of an iTwin into a Mac and the ot...

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Syncplicity finally makes iOS debut

Syncplicity has introduced its free iOS app today, allowing users to access their accounts from the iPhone and iPad. The app has a native interface that's optimized for the iPhone and allows you to browse and open any file in your account, including shared folders. This includes full access to ...

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Amazon Cloud Player now supports the iPad

Amazon partially embraced iOS by adding support for the iPad to its web-based Cloud Player. The tablet version of the web app looks and performs just like the desktop version. It lets you view your songs by title, album, artist or genre, play your songs in normal, shuffle or repeat mode, and cr...

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Apple's cloud music service ready for launch

A report out of Reuters claims Apple is set to launch its online music storage service. The service would allow users to store their iTunes content in the cloud and access it from an internet-connected device. Apple has yet to secure the licenses for the new service and is in the process of negot...

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Amazon launches 'cloud locker' music service

Amazon announced Cloud Drive and Cloud Player for the Web and Android, a new web-based service that lets you store your music and other files in the cloud and access them on the go. Streaming music is possible using a web-based player compatible with the Mac and PC as well as an Android applica...

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Need a few petabytes of Mac storage? Build your own BackBlaze Storage Pod

One of the largest personal iTunes libraries I've ever seen belongs to a client of mine. This client, who was a DJ in the 50's and 60's, has a huge collection of vinyl albums and singles that he painstakingly digitized, cleaned up, and catalogued in iTunes. Needless to say, opening iTunes on his Mac...

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Egnyte 2.0 adds iPhone support

I mentioned Egnyte back in August, when they released version 1.5 of their secure storage, collaboration and backup solution. Today they've announced version 2.0 with support for iPhone access through a web application. I spoke briefly with Vineet Jain from Egnyte about the iPhone-compatible release...

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