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App Rewards Club reports on what going free can do for developers

App Rewards Club is an app and service put together by a few iOS developers to help their fellow app devs with user discovery on the App Store. Like the Free App a Day service, App Rewards Club highlights free apps every day, which benefits users because they can grab apps for free, and then be...

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TUAW at E3: Guitar Rock Tour 2 and DJ Mix Tour

While we really liked Gameloft's Castle of Magic at E3, these two music games in their lineup didn't impress nearly as much. Guitar Rock Tour 2 is a sequel to Guitar Rock Tour, and as you can tell from the picture at right, it's more or less a Guitar Hero knock-off: hit the notes as they pass the li...

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iPods spotted at Sam's Club

I don't know how long this has been going on, but Sam's Club apparently carries the iPod. I spotted it at my neighborhood Club this weekend at the lowest price I've seen so far: $289.98 for a 5G 30 GB black model. Maybe they didn't want to let Cosco have all the fun in selling iMacs? No word on whet...

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