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Steve pitches the MacBook Air at CNBC

As he usually does, Steve went on CNBC after this morning's keynote presentation to pitch his company's newest goodie. In this case, the MacBook Air. He talks about the size, of course, but also the relationship between Apple and Intel as well as the process of building the MacBook Air: "...We built...

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Scott on CNBC now in iTunes

In today's world, media cannot be lost but only transformed. In this specific case, TUAW's Scott McNulty's appearance on CNBC is the transformation target; if you had trouble watching the clip of the Face2Face segment in CNBC's Windows Media embed on their page, the video is now available in the iTu...

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CNBC interviews our own Scott McNulty at 8pm ET

Late word here at TUAW world headquarters: our fearless blogmeister Scott McNulty is scheduled to appear on CNBC's "Fast Money" tonight, discussing the fun and festivity surrounding WWDC. Top rumor sites hint that he may be wearing some sort of tropical attire, possibly a shirt with a floral pattern...

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Found Footage: Steve Jobs on CNBC

Shortly after yesterday's big announcements (apparently he gave a speech or something), Steve Jobs appeared on CNBC to talk about the new iPods and the movies that are now a part of the iTunes Store. He mentions the "seasonal" aspect of iPod sales, and that they're optimistic heading into the ho...

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Found Footage: Steve Jobs interview on CNBC

A number of folks have sent this interview that His Steveness did on CNBC right before the Fifth Avenue store opened. Notice the elevator in the back there, no need to worry about getting a stroller or wheelchair down those glass stairs....

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