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Best Buy gets 2 week Apple TV exclusive

You should be able to buy an Apple TV at your local Apple Store very soon (I imagine if they don't have them today they'll be getting them over the weekend). What if you are one of the many folks who do not live near an Apple Store? According to CNet Best Buy has worked out a deal to get Apple TVs t...

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CNET violates Mac Pro warranty, installs eight cores in Mac Pro

Over at CNET labs, they've done gone and stuck a couple of new Intel quad-core Xeon 5355 processors into an Apple Mac Pro and ran copious benchmarks on their new baby. Surprisingly enough, a single 3.0 GHz quad core kicked the bejesus out of the 2.66 GHz oct cores in some of the tasks. Follow the li...

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Cnet video of the line in front of the new Apple Store

So, you weren't standing out in the rain wait for the new Fifth Avenue store to open but you don't have to miss out on the experience. Cnet took a camera and a reporter down to the line and spoke with some of the people who were waiting. Amongst the folks are a man who flew in from Scotland to be th...

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MacBook Pro vs. Acer TravelMate 8200

Cnet has pitted the very hot MacBook Pro vs the slightly ugly Acer TravelMate 8200 in a deathmatch. May the best portable win. And which portable do you think won? It was close, but the Acer edged the MacBook Pro out by one. The MacBook Pro won on design, display, and software while the Acer took fe...

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Cnet on Rockbox

James Kim replaced the firmware on his iPod with that of RockBox, which is an alternate OS (basically) for the iPod, and tells us about the experience. It allows you to tweak a number of settings and even gives the iPod new features (such as support for Ogg files). Now, it isn't as pretty as Apple's...

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Intel stumbles while stepping to Apple's 6 button remote

Honestly: I'm always down for some competition; it keeps (some) companies innovating and (hopefully) on their toes. But wow... if you're going to openly take on a device like Apple's beautiful and simple 6-button Remote, it might be a good idea to make sure you're firing on all cylinders. Check out ...

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