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Cocotron: bringing Cocoa to Windows

Cocotron is a potentially exciting open-source project that "aims to implement a cross-platform Objective-C API similar to that described by Apple Inc.'s Cocoa documentation." What this means is that, in principle, Cocotron would allow an OS X Cocoa app written in Xcode to be easily cross-compiled f...

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AppLoop brings automated application development to the iPhone

With the iPhone SDK, Apple is pioneering a new mobile development platform that is ahead of it's time; however, this innovation comes with a major caveat: It requires Cocoa (or Objective-C) programming knowledge. You may ask "Why is this a problem?" Well, someone might have a really great idea...

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AI: 'Snow Leopard' to include rewritten Finder

AppleInsider claims that Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard will feature (among other things) a Finder re-written entirely in Cocoa. The Finder has remained Carbon-based for the entire history of Mac OS X so far, but the long journey from those frameworks towards Cocoa seems to be reaching its end for Apple...

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JSCocoa 1.0, write Cocoa apps in Javascript

Do you want to write Cocoa applications, but happen to be handier with Javascript than with Objective-C? JSCocoa to the rescue! Similar in concept to RubyCocoa, JSCocoa provides a bridge between Webkit's JavascriptCore and Cocoa, allowing you to call C and Objective-C code, as well as build Javascri...

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MacGDBp Kills PHP Bugs Dead!

Bothered with pesky PHP bugs? Grab a can of MacGDBp and exterminate those bugs FAST! 18 year-old Beantown open source whiz Robert Sesek has announced that he'll be releasing his MacGDBp project bright and early on Tuesday, June 17 at his Blue Static website. MacGDBp builds on the open source Xdebug ...

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Bookwatch: Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X gets updated

Way back in December, our Christmas Gift Guide featured our pick of the many OS X-related books out there. One of the recommendations was the (very excellent) Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X by Aaron Hillegass - commonly referred to as 'The Bible' in the Mac development community. At the time the boo...

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Video Introduction to Cocoa

Over at Theocacao Scott Stevenson has posted the video of his Introduction to Cocoa talk (entitled "Best of Both Worlds") aimed at those who want to learn a bit about Apple's preferred API for building OS X applications. The talk runs to over 90 minutes and includes "an introduction to Xcode, Inter...

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Apple, Adobe, and 64-bit Photoshop

Adobe's announcement that Photoshop CS4 will be 32-bit only on OS X has the Mac web buzzing today. Accusations of blame are being shot at both Adobe and Apple by various pundits (though notably not by the companies themselves). Fortunately, some of the better Mac pundits are also weighing in with i...

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Cocoa developer time-saver: SparkleZip 1.1

Sparkle is an open-source module for Cocoa that allows developers to add that cool "Check for Updates" and auto-install feature with relative ease; it's used by some of our favorite applications. If you already knew that, then you might be part of the small but important group of people who would be...

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Learn Cocoa with your free time this holiday

Let's face it, during the holiday season we all need to take a little break from our families (even though we love them). Why not do something productive when you're squirreled away in that spare bedroom hiding in the bed from your Aunt Dora? Cocoa Dev Central has just updated their great Cocoa tuto...

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THCanvasView: Icon viewer for Cocoa apps

Scott Stevenson has dropped a pretty handy Finder-like view interface for Cocoa applications called THCanvasView. I don't do a ton of Cocoa programming, but even I can see how handy this is-- Scott's coded almost all the functionality of Finder, including resizing of icons, image previews, Cocoa b...

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In which, iPhone apps are built

It turns out that creating new GUI iPhone apps is both harder and easier than you expect. Saturday night when the first iPhone UI app proof-of-concept appeared, I was tied up with family. I frantically emailed Mike Rose begging him to get a post out, which, wonderful man that he is, he did. Sunday,...

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RubyCocoa 0.11.0 released

RubyCocoa is a nifty "bridge" between Ruby and Objective-C (the language of Cocoa), that allows developers to "write full-stack Cocoa applications in Ruby" or a "Cocoa application that mixes Ruby and Objective-C code." It has just received a major update to version 0.11.0. The release notes list the...

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Learn Cocoa, Part II

When we posted about Part I of Scott Stevenson's Learn Cocoa tutorial, some people complained that there wasn't actually any coding involved. Well Part II at least introduces what Scott calls "Thinking in Code" and begins to dig a little deeper into what is required to actually use Xcode to write a ...

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Cocoa Blogs, by Scott Stevenson

I have to admit right up front that I'm not as familiar with the Mac dev community as I'd like to be. I don't know a lick about developing, and I get a bit intimidated as I know it's one of those trades that has a completely different set of constraints and connotations to manage; there's nothing li...

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