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Dreams, teams and the Color app

The latest app making a big buzz seems to be one simply called Color. Why the hoopla about what is, at best, a location-based photo sharing app? Because they raised a whopping US$41 million dollars in funding before even launching. Before you say "bubble 2.0," let's take a look at what Color does...

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ColorSchemer Studio in the Mac App Store, and TUAW has free licenses!

ColorSchemer Studio, my favorite Mac app for designing color combinations and palettes, is now available on the Mac App Store. I've mentioned it a few times before, and we've had a few licenses to give away in the past. To celebrate the arrival in the Mac App Store, ColorSchemer has given us three...

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ColorSchemer Touch is out, and we have five copies to give away

The designers and color lovers among you may be familiar with ColorSchemer, or at least recall it from our coverage of the 2.0 release. Well, great news: ColorSchemer Touch is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch! We have five copies to give away, so be sure to enter for your chance ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Tripolar

Tripolar makes a big point of saying that it's not a match-3 game, and though the grid looks similar to that matching genre, it's really not. But it is a puzzle game. The idea is that you have pieces coming in on top of the board, and touching anywhere on the grid will insert that piece and delete a...

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Jobs clears up proximity sensor fix, white iPhone 4, and international plans at press conference

Steve Jobs cleared up a few pending iPhone 4 issues quickly near the end of today's press conference today. First, he said that Apple would be releasing a software fix soon for the proximity sensor issues customers have been experiencing. A fix for that problem would be available in the next softwa...

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Found Footage: Woz on coloring computers

This video of Woz talking about the "revolutionary" idea of putting color into computers is amazing. It sounds like an LSD trip -- he says he was awake for four days in a row, plunged into some sort of television screenglow madness, and somehow emerged from this zeroes-and-ones induced frenzy wit...

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Engadget meets Woz

Engadget's Josh Topolsky got to chat with none other than Woz recently, and they've finally shared a great video of their meeting. Woz says a lot of interesting things in the video (he runs six navigation systems at a time in his car just for comparison's sake, and carries two iPhones nowadays, jus...

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ColorSchemer Studio 2 is here, and we have licenses!

We brought you a sneak peek at ColorSchemer Studio 2 last week, and I'm excited to share the news that it's available today. Any screen-based designer should be excited, and with the new CMYK support and advanced color manipulation tools, anybody who works with color at all should have a look. Some ...

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Sneak Peek: ColorSchemer Studio 2, pick your palette

As part of my trade, I work a lot with colors. ColorSchemer Studio has long been a valuable tool in my toolkit for picking out color schemes based on solid color theory. It had its shortcomings, though, and some other tools had surpassed it, both on the desktop and on the iPhone. However, I got a sn...

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Apple posts two new updates

Just days after all the hardware updates on Tuesday, Apple has posted two new support downloads. The first, Pro Applications Update 2009-01, contains several updates for applications in Final Cut Studio. This update includes Final Cut Pro 7.0.1, Motion 4.0.1, Soundtrack Pro 3.0.1, Color 1.5.1, an...

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Pantone offers color libraries for iPhone, mostly

While it's been in the App Store for the last few days, Pantone is officially launching its color discovery and management app for iPhone today, called myPANTONE. The Pantone Matching System, among other Pantone products, is the indispensable color system for printers and graphic designers, and it o...

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Developer Color Picker: For your pickiest developer

Wade Cosgrove, code ninja over at Panic, has released a freeware Developer Color Picker that helps developers of all stripes pick and paste color declarations for a variety of languages. Any color picker will let you choose a color from anywhere on your screen, but Developer Color Picker turns that ...

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New MBP offers top display quality, but some beg to differ

For pro photographers who care about color fidelity on a laptop screen, there's good news from Rob Galbraith on the revamped MacBook Pro line: the new laptops offer improved color performance, which Rob's review describes as "better colour accuracy than any Apple laptop we've profiled since...2001....

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Just announced: La Cie blue eye pro Monitor Calibrator Proof Edition

A lot of us might not care that the color on our screens doesn't precisely match reality, but for most designers color matching is a crucial part of their work. That's why they use monitor calibration systems like the new La Cie blue eye pro Proof Edition (US$429.99) to make sure that what they see ...

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Pro Applications Update improves performance and stability

Apple has released Pro Applications Update 2008-04, which includes updates to Final Cut Pro, Compressor, Color, DVD Studio Pro, Cinema Tools, Motion, Soundtrack Pro and Shake. The update, according to Apple, "addresses general performance issues and improves overall stability." No specific details w...

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