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John Gruber releases BBColors 1.0

John Gruber has released a command line tool called BBColors which allows BBEdit and TextWrangler users to save, reload and even share customized color schemes. BBEdit, like many code-friendly text editors, has offered a coloring system for some time, but it still doesn't allow users to save and swa...

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Hey Folders! adds colored folders to Finder

Hey Folders! is a handy utility from the maker of Mail.Appetizer that extends the Finder's colored label feature to labeled folders themselves. As you can see, the entire folder icon takes on the color of the label, though files (fortunately) do not receive the colored overlay treatment (I wager th...

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Taco HTML v1.7.2 is Universal

If Dreamweaver is a bit overkill for some web work on your desk, Taco HTML might just be the editor for you. It's a small yet feature-packed web editor with tag coloring, HTML preview, syntax checking, code snippets and more. It's my favorite editor for HTML pages or tweaking a WordPress PHP page f...

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Widget Watch: Art Director's Toolkit

Code Line Communicators, developers of Art Director's Toolkit, has developed a handy widget for easy-access to some of the tools and features of their app right within your Dashboard. However, the widget only comes with a copy of Art Director's Toolkit 5; the latest version which I don't believe is ...

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Order a pre-painted Mac mini case

If you're the instant gratification type who is sick of white, check this out. FastMac is selling Mac mini cases in your choice of seven colors. For $69.95US, they'll send you a pre-painted case and a video that shows you how to swap the painted case for the boring white one that your mini is curren...

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Poll result: Select a MacBook color

The results are in from our most recent, highly unscientific poll. The question was based on rumors that the forthcoming MacBook would be available in white, black and one other "mystery color." We asked: What color MacBook would you be likely to buy? Here's how you answered: Black: 4...

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RUMOR: Macbook may come in colors

What do you do when you've exhausted your idea of brightly-colored computers (hint: "Flower Power" was a sure indication of this)? Go with all white. What happens when you've tired of white? Why, go back to colors, of course. AppleInsider is reporting that the forthcoming Macbooks will be ...

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