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Colorware now painting iPad 2s

Our friends at Engadget report that the fine folks at ColorWare are now ready to color your iPad 2 however you'd like. ColorWare's skinning process is super-high quality, and you can basically customize your iPad 2 however you want: coloring the Apple logo, back panel, or even front home button...

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ColorWare does their thing for the iPhone 3G

If black and white aren't enough for you, ColorWare is now offering their gadget coloring service for the iPhone 3G. Their iPhone site allows you to customize parts of your phone with 35 different colors on an à la carte basis. Obviously you have to send in your iPhone and the service takes ...

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Custom "Stealth iPhone" from ColorWare

If you're willing to go the extra mile (and paycheck) to customize your gadgets, but you're not a big fan of the flashy ColorWare colors that we've covered before, the new custom edition matte black iPhone (Stealth iPhone) may be the ticket. ColorWare has been making drastic hue adjustments on iPhon...

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ColorWare does the Air

Macs, in general, have always been works of art compared to their rivals, and the MacBook Air is a pinnacle achievement in the line of lust-worthy Apple computers. There's just never been a lot of color choice in the Apple's lineup. For the audacious souls who choose to express their personality thr...

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Colorwared Apple stuff (and a gilded iPhone)

Our good friends at Engadget note that Colorware has now included every single new slice of Apple in their lineup, so if you want a brand new iPod Nano in Cotton Candy, Fusion, Cobalt, or Crush, it's yours, baby. Expect to pay through the nose, though-- just one color is over $200, and mix it up any...

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Doc Mac shows off Colorwared iPhone

Doc Macenstein dropped us a note about his new Colorwared (can I use that as a verb?) iPhone, and just like everything else Colorware has done, it looks pretty darn sweet. The only problem, though, is that the process is not only pretty pricey-- a full paint job, including dock, earbuds, and button,...

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Colorware introduces custom colored iPhones

Speaking of customizing your iPhone, why stop at just the background? Never content with the 'average joe' colors Apple designs their devices with, Coloware has just added the iPhone to their lineup of devices they are happy to colorize or - perhaps better yet - sell you pre-pimped straight off ...

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MacBook Pros now available in 20 colors - from ColorWare

It seems like the rumors of multi-colored MacBook Pros were true, though Apple wasn't the one who dipped them in paint. ColorWare, purveyors of colorized high-end electronics, has added the 15-inch MacBook Pro (sorry, no 17-inch - yet) to their array of products you can purchase new and colorized. ...

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