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iOS apps on sale and free this weekend

There are a few sales going around this weekend -- most of them are in tribute to the late, great Steve Jobs. Steph Thirion's Eliss is free in tribute to Jobs and his life. RPG puzzler Crystal Soul is also free. Line-drawing air combat title Pigs in Trees is free for a day. The...

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Two new Apple retail stores opening this weekend

Apple is on track to open a raft of stores around the world, having largely rolled out the stores it needs in the USA. Still, some cities need extra capacity, so the retail gods in Cupertino have seen fit to bestow upon us two more stores this weekend and another later this month. Macsimum News...

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Ohio Apple Store robbed in early morning hours

Early yesterday morning, an Apple Store in Ohio was robbed. The Easton Town Center Apple Store's glass window (or door) was shattered and the robbers began snatching merchandise and placing it in their car's trunk. The robbers were reported to be driving a black Lexus. When police arrived on the sce...

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