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HBO GO app to bring Tony Soprano to your iOS device

Need an Entourage of Sopranos to entertain you while you manage a Boardwalk Empire with your Band of Brothers? Starting in May, HBO subscribers will be able to enjoy "instant and unlimited access to the best HBO has to offer" using an iPad, iPhone or Android device. Time Warner subsidiary HBO, ...

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Apple takes 4 percent of US digital video market, Netflix reigns

The NPD Group crowned Netflix the heavyweight champion of digital, video-on-demand services in a statement released earlier today. Between January 2011 and February 2011, Netflix accounted for 61 percent of all movies downloaded or streamed over the internet or offered on-demand through a cable...

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Federal rules could prompt NBC TV rentals in iTunes

Last year, things looked bleak for Apple TV users who wanted inexpensive rental access to NBC's content. Former NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker made the now-famous comments that "99 cents is not the price point for our content," and that "it would devalue our content." Now that the network and cab...

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Comcast to offer 3,000 hours of live streaming content to iPad

Comcast has announced its intention to offer 3,000 hours of on-demand, streaming video content to the iPad. Details are scarce (in fact, that sentence just about wraps the story up), but we do know that the service will include both TV shows, live news and movies. How or when (other than "later this...

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Comcast turns your iPad and iPhone into a sophisticated remote

Cable giant Comcast has released its free Xfinity TV app for both the iPhone and the iPad (we first saw a prototype demo back in May). The app allows you to browse TV listings, including the massive Comcast On Demand library. You can filter shows by genre, network, resolution (SD vs. HD) and more. I...

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Time Warner Cable entering the iPhone app game

I've been a Verizon FiOS subscriber since the day it rolled out in my neighborhood, and I couldn't be happier (my bank account's demeanor is another story). Actually, I take that back, because I got a tad bit happier when the cable company released an official iPhone app that allows for DVR scheduli...

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My new EyeTV set-up, and why Comcast's digital transition is a pain

On Monday, Colorado cable customers transitioned into a new digital world. Comcast switched off analog access to all but its most basic channels, i.e. the ones that they are still required to carry by law, and killed the clear-QAM signal that has made it possible for my EyeTV tuner to schedule an...

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iPad app prototype is a wicked big remote for Comcast

Here's an interesting demo video from Comcast that features an iPad as a remote control with a few extras. In the demo, Comcast's Brian Roberts shows how to use the app to search for programming (both TV and On Demand), change channels and even program the Comcast DVR. Pretty neat. Once paire...

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WSJ: Apple likely to push TV subscription option in 2010

The WSJ and the New York Times, among other outlets, are reporting that Apple is in preliminary discussions with ABC and CBS (at a minimum) about a possible subscription plan arrangement for broadcast and cable TV channels. This idea was noted by All Things D in November, which cited a target price ...

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Rumor: Comcast, NBC deal to hinder Apple

Last week, cable giant Comcast purchased a controlling interest in US television network NBC, resulting in a media behemoth to rival Disney. The results remain to be seen (Must See TV ... it's Comcastic!), but it's been suggested by AppleInsider that the switch could affect Apple's rumored TV subscr...

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TUAW First Look: Comcast Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch

Cable, broadband, and phone giant Comcast has joined the ranks of companies jumping on the iPhone bandwagon with a helpful and free new app: Comcast Mobile [App Store]. Let's get one thing out of the way right now; this app will not let you stream video from your Comcast set-top box to your iPhone. ...

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