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Tag: comicbooks

Comixology adds options for subscriptions and bundles (update: Web app only)

Comixology is, as we've discussed here before, basically the premiere app for comic books on Apple's iPad. And now, the app (well, the web app at least) is adding one more feature to its already long list. Starting today, you can subscribe to your favorite comics right inside the app's web stor...

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iPhone AR "talking" comic book cover surprisingly cheesy

In case you haven't had your daily allotment of cheese yet today, feast your eyes on the video below. It showcases a talking comic book cover for issue #1 of Valiant Entertainment's X-O Manowar comic, using an iPhone and augmented reality to bring the character's mouth to life. BoingBoing bro...

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Comixology hits 65 million downloads, lands exclusive Marvel digital deal

We've posted about Comixology's domination of comic book content on iOS before -- it's certainly not the only app that lets you read and even buy comic books, but it's by far the most popular, and keeps getting even more so. The company has just announced that it's reached 65 million downloads ...

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Free iPad comic tells the story of Operation Ajax

I've been reading a lot of comics on the iPad lately, and while I love my iPad for a lot of reasons, I think reading comics is one of the best reasons to own an iPad. The big, beautiful screen brings comic art to life exquisitely, most apps allow you to zoom in and out of bigger pages at will, ...

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Image Comics joins the ComiXology banner

ComiXology has grabbed yet another major comic book publisher for its iOS app, this time recruiting Image Comics to publish to the digital platform day and date with the paper releases. The app has already landed both DC and Marvel in publishing agreements, so adding the Image stable of comics ...

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DC announces digital comics will arrive day-and-date with print versions

DC Comics made a huge announcement yesterday regarding its entire line of comic books, basically saying that on August 31, the company will restart 52 of its weekly publications, bringing them all back to issue number 1 and making significant story (and costume!) changes to many of its popular ...

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Publishers' choice: Will the iPad be the hero or villain of the comic book industry?

Music piracy rose to epidemic levels at the beginning of the 2000s (although, according to Wired, those days are now over). There were many causes of this growth in piracy -- high speed internet access, easy-to-use P2P software -- but perhaps the biggest accelerator of music piracy was two-fold...

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Official DC Comics app is live

ComiXology has done it again. First the Marvel Comics app was released, powered by the company's familiar engine, and then one recently for BOOM! Studios. Now DC Comics has finally released its own app, running on ComiXology's familiar interface. So far the DC store's offerings are rather slim, e...

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Apple admits mistake over pulling of graphic novel

Apple has reversed a ban on the app version of Robert Berry's comic book edition of James Joyce's "Ulysses," which has nudity. Apple has also lifted a ban on a graphic that shows 2 men kissing in Tom Bouden's graphic novel of Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest." The Associated Press q...

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Ray Zone's 3D Jungle Adventures Comic brings a bit of 1953 to the iPad

Ray Zone's 3D Jungle Adventures (US$0.99) is native iPad comic book that took me back to when I was ten and my parents brought me to a flea market. There I picked up a ten year old copy of The House of Terror published by the now defunct St. John's Publishing Company. It was in gloriously gory anagl...

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iPad in the family: What it'll take

When Steve Jobs announced the iPad, I thought it was neat, but I didn't see how it would really fit into my life. What could it do for me that my iPhone or MacBook Pro couldn't? It seemed like that gap Steve Jobs said the iPad filled was targeted at a group of people I didn't belong to. So I asked ...

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Gelaskin review: Dark Horse style!

It's likely you've heard of GelaSkins before. They make stickers to cover a variety of gear. They are of a nice thickness with a slight texture, and removal won't hurt either your equipment or the GelaSkin itself (if you're careful). Here's the latest project from the GelaSkin folks: They have par...

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TUAW @SXSW: The "comics on handhelds" panel

Chances are, if you're reading TUAW, you most likely love all things Apple and Mac. You may also be an iPhone or iPod touch user. And, like many Apple lovers (including myself), you may also be a fan of comic books. If so, what if you want to take your comics on the road with you and don't want to l...

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Comic Books on the iPhone: 'Super Kaiju Hero Force'

If you're reading TUAW you most-likely are a fan of all-things Apple including the Mac and the iPhone. You may also be a fan of comic books. If so, the folks at Crispy Comics have a deal for you. Now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch directly from the iTunes store, Crispy Comics is producing ...

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comiXology releases MobileSafari interface for comic browsing

Macenstein has posted about a cool feature from comiXology for us comic book geeks out there. They're created an iPhone MobileSafari (have to remember that the Touch is out there now) interface for their database of the latest comic book releases. It looks great, allows users to browse both the curr...

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