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Apple posts new iPad ad, "Learn"

Apple has released a new video in its iPad 2 ad campaign. The ad is called "Learn" and it, as expected, focuses on using the iPad as a learning tool. This particular usage is on the rise with educational institutions around the country providing iPads to students. Schools from Yale Medical sc...

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New iPad ad: 'We'll Always'

Apple has released a new iPad ad, "We'll Always," that demonstrates some of the iPad's many use cases and insists that the way we'll go about doing everyday tasks has been changed forever. We'll never stop sharing our memories. Or getting lost in a good book. We'll always cook dinner and che...

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New iPhone commercials feature FaceTime and AirPlay

Apple has aired two new iPhone commercials. The first features the capabilities of FaceTime on the iPhone. It shows users video chatting via FaceTime iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to MacBook Air, and iPhone to iPad. The second iPhone commercial showcases the iPhone's AirPlay features. The commerci...

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Apple releases new 'Now' iPad 2 ad

Apple has released a new iPad 2 television commercial entitled "Now." The commercial points out how with an iPad people can interact with forms of media differently than they could in the past, such as by "watching" a newspaper. From the ad: "Now, we can watch a newspaper; listen to a magazine;...

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Apple airs first iPad 2 television commercial

Apple has released its first iPad 2 television commercial. Titled "We Believe," the ad has sentimental narration reminiscent of Apple's old Think Different ads. The narrator states, "This is what we believe: Technology alone is not enough. Faster, thinner, lighter ... those are all good thi...

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Apple airs new 'Retina' iPhone 4 commercial

Apple has released another commercial in the "If you don't have an iPhone" series of ads. This commercial, titled "Retina," shows off the Retina Display on the iPhone 4. The ad cycles through the Photos, iPod (movies), Maps, and Mail apps. The latest ad comes just one day afterApple released ...

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Xperia Play ad rags on iPhone gaming

Sony has released a few tongue-in-cheek internet ads for its new Xperia Play smartphone (basically, the PSP phone everyone's been waiting for). In one of the ads, which you can see embedded after the break, performer/Daily Show correspondent/biggest fan of Flight of the Conchords Kristen Schaal...

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Did Motorola's agency 'borrow' Super Bowl ad concept?

Motorola is in hot water over its Apple-inspired Super Bowl advertisement for its upcoming XOOM tablet. The video ad features a world of drones dressed in white hoodies who are eternally plugged into white earbuds. Of course, the one character breaking the trend is the one with a Motorola XOOM tabl...

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Motorola Xoom ad 'inspired' by Apple's classic 1984 ad

Motorola has just released a commercial for its Xoom tablet that seems to draw heavy inspiration from Apple's classic 1984 ad. In Motorola's spot, a single Xoom user roams through a sterile environment populated with hundreds of people clothed in the same monochrome, drab garments. Everyone except ...

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Verizon's iPhone commercial hits YouTube

Tick, tock. "To our millions of customers, who never stopped believing this day would come... Thank you." Oh, Verizon, you wry cad. Your iPhone 4 commercial is a gentle jibe at the anticipation and endless patience of those who would be among the first to own a new VZW iPhone. Ha! So witty. And not...

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Apple releases new Santa-themed iPhone 4 ad

Apple has posted a new holiday-themed iPhone ad titled "Under the Covers." In the ad, a mom nestles with her young son in bed while he uses FaceTime on the iPhone 4 to video chat with Santa. The mom leaves the room and the son hides under the covers, still talking to Santa. Cut to the mom en...

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10 copycat Apple ads

Whether you like them or not, find them utterly frustrating or a delightful pleasure to observe, one thing is for sure, Apple knows how to put a successful ad campaign together. In a case of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, Business Insider has compiled a list of the top ten commerc...

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Verizon iPad TV ad is out

Last month Verizon Wireless stores began selling iPad/MiFi bundles. Now, the first television spot advertising that fact has debuted. It features a user in a small room with an iPad on his lap. He pulls a MiFi from his pocket, flicks it on and presto! The walls of the room disappear as "the world...

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iPad 2 ads being shot in New York City?

British photographer David Sims is rumored to have been shooting a TV ad for the next generation iPad in New York City recently. According to 9to5 Mac, the shoot took place at Pier 59. As with most rumors, details are few and far between. Sources say that current-model iPads were used in the shoo...

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New iPad TV ad highlights various apps

A new iPad TV ad started airing in the US this week. It begins with the statement "IPad is..." before moving through several adjectives and related apps. For example, a brief appearance by The Photo Cookbook is followed by "delicious." Flipboard is followed by "current," and so on. One interestin...

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