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Former Compaq CEO now loves his Mac

Forbes is reporting a fun story about former Compaq CEO Ben Rosen. Seems Steve Jobs and Rosen met in 1999, and Jobs tried to convince Rosen, then at Compaq, to license the Mac OS. It never happened, and Steve reportedly had second thoughts about it all anyway. Fast forward to 2007. Rosen writes...

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Tim Cook in NYT, says joining Apple was 'best decision I ever made'

The New York Times has written a nice profile of Tim Cook, who is once again sliding into the driver's seat at Apple while Steve Jobs takes medical leave. To hear the paper tell it, Cook is both a man well-prepared to fill Jobs' role if needed, and yet not exactly the creative visionary Jobs has be...

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Apple tops consumer satisfaction survey again

For the seventh straight year in a row, Apple has topped the American Customer Satisfaction Index survey, ringing in at number one on the annual list of PC manufacturers as ranked by customers. And it earned its best score ever -- an 86 out of 100. That's nine points ahead of its closest competitor...

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Apple scores high on customer experience index, iTunes not so much

According to AppleInsider, Apple has scored higher than other PC companies on Forrester's new customer experience survey, but their main software app didn't fare quite as well. Apple came in at number 35 on the list, which places them way above PC competitors like HP, Compaq and Dell, though iTunes ...

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