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Evernote offering developer competition, conference

Evernote has announced two big events for its developer community coming up later this year. First, the company is holding a competition with over $100,000 in prizes available to win. To enter, all developers need to do is build an app, service, or device that works with the Evernote system by ...

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Book publishers fight the one-screen problem

Publishers of ebooks are meeting this week at the World e-Reading Congress, and a site called the Bookseller has an interesting writeup of one of the issues being discussed there: Whether the book market can compete with, of all things, Angry Birds. Apple's iPad has become, publishers say, a "o...

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Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen: Steve Jobs is "monomaniacal"

I doubt Steve Jobs will regard being called monomaniacal as an insult. My dictionary defines the word as 'An inordinate or obsessive zeal or interest in a single thing or subject." That sounds pretty much like the Apple co-founder and CEO. The comments from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen came i...

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Skype for Mac design competition announced

Designers, start your creative engines! Today, on its official blog, Skype announced a chat styling competition to find the world's best theme for Skype for Mac. "We want you to create the chat style for an upcoming version of Skype for Mac that will be enjoyed by millions of people around the w...

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Xperia Play ad rags on iPhone gaming

Sony has released a few tongue-in-cheek internet ads for its new Xperia Play smartphone (basically, the PSP phone everyone's been waiting for). In one of the ads, which you can see embedded after the break, performer/Daily Show correspondent/biggest fan of Flight of the Conchords Kristen Schaal...

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Ngmoco's We Farm now available in Canada

Ngmoco has released the followup to its popular We Rule game on the Canadian App Store. We Farm is, as you can see above, very similar to We Rule, with the main difference being that the game is set on a farm rather than in a medieval fantasy world. You'll be able to raise animals, plant vegetables...

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AdMob CEO comments on being thrown out of the App Store

Big surprise here, right? AdMob, freshly picked for purchase by Google (cue dramatic music) has been expelled from Valhalla, also known as the App Store, by a tiny change in the iOS developer agreement. Specifically, section 3.3.9 of the agreement, which precludes companies who do anything other th...

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Gowalla announces shared trips

There's a growing battle lately on the App Store over "check-in" apps -- Foursquare, Gowalla, and MyTown have all seen big gains in users lately (and a few other contenders have been roaming the periphery), and it looks like we're starting to see some innovation in the mix. Gowalla recently updated ...

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Pachter: iPod touch is "dangerous" for game publishers

It's been just over a year since we officially noticed that Apple was pushing towards gaming on the iPod touch, and while their advertising hasn't stopped pushing, the actual push hasn't quite gotten to a shove. If you look at this holiday season, certainly the iPod touch is a popular device, butt k...

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Levinson resigns from Google, Apple ties broken

It's the end of an era for the relationship between Google and Apple -- Google has announced that Dr. Arthur Levinson has resigned from its board of directors, meaning that the last common member between the boards of the two companies has now "chosen a side," so to speak. I doubt it was that ser...

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FCC makes it official: Cellular carriers policies getting a closer look

Maybe the submissions by Apple, Google and AT&T helped, or maybe they hurt, but the FCC is going to take a closer look at the U.S. cellphone industry and if competition is helping consumers. [Link to FCC announcement in PDF format] Today the Commission said: As communications te...

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More red meat for the FCC to chew on with AT&T and Apple

Reflecting on my last post -- and how unbelievable the AT&T statement was that they have nothing to do with what gets approved in Apple's App Store -- convinced me I needed to refresh my dimming memory banks. Remember all the flames about whether Skype would come out for the iPhone last year? Th...

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AT&T responds on Google questions, throws Apple under the bus

It's going to be interesting to watch the next few weeks as AT&T, Apple and Google respond to the FCC questions about which apps get approved for use on the iPhone. Yesterday, AT&T responded to press questions about this by sending a P.R. email. "AT&T does not manage or approve applicati...

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Apple wins fight in U.K. over iPhone v Android claims

The U.K. advertising watchdog, the Advertising Standards Authority, says Apple is correct when it claims its App Store is better than the Google store for the Android. In a TV ad Apple claimed that the iPhone had apps for "just about anything". Fans of the Google Android, or at least ten of them, ...

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In France, Apple must let other carriers sell iPhone

The French government's competition watchdog told Apple that it must allow other carriers besides Orange to offer the iPhone. Orange is a subsidiary of France Telecom. In September, Orange competitor Bouygues Telecom SA filed a complaint with the Competition Council about the exclusivity agreement....

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