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Parallels offers "Green Computing Bundle"

Parallels started offering a bundle of applications for sale last night (yes, that Parallels -- the one that makes VM software). The Parallels "Green Computing Bundle" is a collection of 9 applications for $49.99 including: Parallels Desktop for Mac MacScan PasswordWallet Macintosh Ex...

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Zach Nelson at has seen the future of computing, and it is the iPhone. He writes: "Some people use it to play music. Others marvel at the photo-browsing interface, and some of its users just want to look cool. I don't care about any of those things when I look at the iPhone. What I see is th...

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"The world's biggest backyard fence to talk over"

MacTV has posted a really interesting videocast 'flashback' on the early days of computing in 1981 (iTMS link), including news footage and computing expo coverage.  An intriguing but brief interview with "multi-millionaire Steve Jobs" made it into the vidcast, and barring any discussi...

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