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Android is taking the smartphone market, but don't panic just yet

To read all the latest internet posts, the iPhone is all but dead, succumbing to the onslaught of Android phones being bought by customers in massive numbers. ComScore, who watches mobile use very carefully, pretty much says Android is rapidly eating away at the iPhone market share. It's enough to m...

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Study: Android and iPhone users show same usage trends, heavy app usage

A study put together by analytics firms comScore and Compete says that while Android and iPhone users probably aren't the same people, they certainly act like it. Usage patterns line up almost exactly across the board, differing by only a few percentage points in categories from social networking...

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iPhone owners make up 14% of mobile game downloaders

Hot off the heels of the news that the iPhone is dominating independent mobile gaming comes this interesting statistic: 14% of all people downloading mobile games are doing so on an iPhone. Market research group comScore says that not only is the iPhone picking up double digits of all game downloads...

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Apple leads in website traffic in computer hardware category

According to a study by internet traffic analyst comScore, Apple currently leads in website traffic in the computer hardware category, attracting more than 36.7 million unique visitors this year as of February. Compared to last year, Apple garnered 24.2 million visitors in the same amount of time, w...

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Apple online retail realizes European traffic gains

Rapaport News reports that online retail sales have jumped this season, up by 60 percent or more in many European countries, which by any measure is a significant gain. The article, which is based on a ComScore report, out of the Reston, VA-based research firm, states that online consumer spending h...

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Apple.com 14th most visited site in US

MacNN found a survey from comScore Media Metrix for the month of August which ranked apple.com as the 14th most visited site in the U.S. with 31.5 million unique visitors. On the top of the list is Yahoo! with more than 131.3 million visitors, while Dell surprisingly leapt from 47 to 35, though MacN...

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