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First look: Viewfinder supercharges Flickr search

The new Mac app Viewfinder by Connected Flow (developer Fraser Speirs is the man behind the FlickrExport plugins for Aperture and iPhoto) is designed for browsing/searching images on Flickr. This application provides many ways to work with the service's photos; you can select licenses to constrai...

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FlickrExport updated for iPhoto 7

Powerful is the plugin that makes me wait until it is ready before I upgrade to Apple's latest and greatest. Connected Flow's FlickrExport is one such plugin. It makes uploading photos from iPhoto to Flickr, Yahoo!'s photo sharing site, a breeze. Tag pics, upload them, add them to groups, create alb...

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FlickrExport for iPhoto and Aperture updated

I only use one plugin for iPhoto and it is Connected Flow's amazingly useful FlickrExport for iPhoto. I know some folks think it is a little pricey, but this plugin makes posting my pictures to Flickr a breeze, and I am willing to pay a fair price for anything that makes my digital life easier. From...

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Aperture to Final Cut Pro

Connected Flow, makers of the very cool FlickrExport, have just released a free Aperture plugin that some of you are bound to be crazy about. Aperture to Final Cut Pro, oddly enough, exports selected photos from Aperture toa Final Cut Pro video sequence. It allows you to choose the transition, how ...

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