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Report: Apple to expand AirPlay plans

Man, I could have told you this one: Bloomberg is reporting that Apple plans to extend its AirPlay service out even further, licensing it out to television sets that would then be able to receive and display video directly from iDevices -- bypassing the need to plug in an Apple TV and pay $99. ...

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World of Goo for iPad outsells the Mac, PC, Linux, Wii, Xbox versions

Developer 2D Boy makes the popular World of Goo game, which they recently released on the iPad, and the official blog has a long writeup about the iPad version from creation to release. 2D Boy originally planned to release the game on the iPhone, but couldn't get it to work right, so when the iPad ...

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SNES controller and N64 console turned into iPad docks

Etsy user Geekunique sent along some links to these great pictures of old school Nintendo gaming units turned into iPad and iPhone docks. Above, you can see a Super Nintendo controller fashioned into a working iPhone 4 dock, and he's also got a Nintendo 64 console (though unfortunately it's the gre...

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Kinect running on OS X

Microsoft recently released its Kinect motion sensor system for the Xbox 360 -- it's a little camera-equipped device that plugs into the game console and lets you control game titles, Wii-style, with just your body in lieu of any actual controllers. Just a few days after release, the hardware was h...

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Madden 2011 out for iPad and iPhone

This year has just flown by -- it's almost that time again, when the leaves start to change color, the kids head back to school, and footballs fill the air. That also means the new Madden is now out, and for the first time, EA has brought the game to the iPad. By all accounts, it's pretty good -- t...

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How to play SNES on your iPad

Unfortunately, as we posted the other day, Nintendo isn't likely to actually allow any Super Nintendo games on your iPad anytime soon. That doesn't technically mean you can't do it, though; if you're willing to jailbreak your iPad and install snes4iPhone, you can experience all of the magical and...

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Apple thinking about game controller, headset

We've mentioned the idea of an external game controller on the iPhone (and now, the iPad) before, but this is the first we've heard of Apple working on one themselves. Apparently a new patent would cover applying buttons, joysticks, or direction pads to an external controller, something that would ...

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FIFA 10 coming to iPhone this Friday

What's it going to take for us to get developers to release games for Apple products earlier than two years after the fact? The iPhone, apparently -- EA has announced that their soccer flagship FIFA 10 will be available for the iPhone this Friday, which is the same day the console game shows up in...

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The evidence for an Apple game console

I think the whole "Apple buying Twitter" rumor floating around is about as much of a crock as the "Apple buying EA" one. But I give slightly more credence to this conclusion: that, despite the painful experience of Pippin, Apple is once again putting together a game console. Why? Let the evidence fr...

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Italian company plans RPG for the iPhone

So the first generation of games and apps is in the iPhone's App Store, and as predicted, we've got more than our share of accelerometer races and the usual gaming standbys -- Tetris, poker, and even some nice tech demos like Andy Qua's Cube Runner. But now it's time to iterate and see if we can't s...

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TUAW Tip: Check the list of files that get installed on your Mac

Most Mac OS X users appreciate the simplicity of Mac application installation; it usually involves nothing more than a drag and drop out of a disk image, or simply unzipping a download. Still, some apps, plug-ins and other digital goodies require an installer, which means you're entering your pas...

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TUAW Tip: An easier way to email your logs

Since we play around with a lot of pre-release and beta software in the name of you readers, we often have to email logs to developers to help them iron out quirks that help an app get all growed up from alpha to beta and to the big release version. As any of you who have gone through this kind of...

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EyeTV Hybrid

TV on a Mac is a foreign concept to most people, but EyeTV hopes to change that with the introduction of the minuscule (just a bit larger than an iPod Shuffle) EyeTV Hybrid USB TV tuner. Capable of receiving both digital (S-Video via an adapter) and analog (using the built-in coax plug or the includ...

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Gestures in the wild

Maybe the tech of CSI isn't so ridiculous after all. With the rumors of an Apple tablet and "gestures" in mind, check out this video. It's a demo of what appears to be a gesture and touch-based UI that is impressive to say the least. Don't miss the manipulation of photos (they appear to be...

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Numark introduces iDJ Mixing Console for iPod

Back in April, C.K. reported on a prototype of this device, but the sketchy details available at the time didn't indicate whether or not it would ever see the light of day. The good news is, today is that day.The iDJ allows your iPod to become a legitimate source playback device. It's a 2-channel mi...

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