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Google now supports CardDAV making it easier than ever to import contacts

Jeff Ellingson, Product Manager at Google, announced this week that the search giant is adding CardDAV to its list of supported protocols. For iOS and OS X owners, this means you can now sync your Google contacts to Apple's built-in contacts app using this open protocol, instead of Exchange. ...

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Taposé brings Microsoft Courier to the iPad

Want to get a taste of what the split-screen Microsoft Courier would be like if it was released? No? Me neither, but your disinterest in the Courier shouldn't stop you from checking out Taposé from Zanther, Inc, a unique and exciting split-screen productivity app that just hit the iOS Ap...

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US Congress sends letter to Apple about Path, data access, Apple responds

The latest "-gate" suffixed controversy, the so-called "Address Bookgate," has surrounded the popular social networking app Path. After Path was found to collect data on users' contacts without prompting users for permission, CEO Dave Morin apologized and the app was updated to change the behavior....

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Evernote Hello for iPhone records faces and contacts

Evernote introduced a new app called Hello that'll help you manage your contacts. Instead of a static list of names and addresses, Hello lets you add context to each person in your contact list. Like Evernote points out, you don't remember a person's name; you remember where you met them and what...

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Tidying up location contacts for Siri and Reminders

My personal address book has no shame. I have contacts for people I haven't spoken to in years, contacts for people who I met at tech conferences, contacts for schools, for local stores, for repairmen, and so forth. It's one big old happy jumbled mess. I'm cool with that. When I want Siri and...

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Apple's Find My Friends app now available

In advance of iOS 5, Apple has released Find My Friends, a location sharing app similar to Glympse. As the name implies, Find My Friends will let you locate your friends on a map. It'll also let you share your location so your friends can find you. For those concerned about privacy, the locat...

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Video App Demo: WhitePages

If you're over a certain age and live in the USA you may remember the days when giant books filled with addresses and phone numbers were thrown at your house each year by Ma Bell. Unlike countries elsewhere, such as France, where computers took over the task of finding phone numbers before cell p...

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MobileMe: Some speculation about the transition to iCloud

I'll start this post off by stating the obvious -- there's a lot about how MobileMe services will transition to iCloud that we don't know yet. But I'm going to take a stab at some of the most pressing questions we've received from TUAW readers regarding the transition. As more facts come in, we...

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Apple files patent for graphics-based contact management

AppleInsider has discovered a recently filed patent by Apple that would, if implemented, overhaul the way users navigate through their contacts on the iPhone. The patent, "Segmented Graphical Representations for Recommending Elements," describes a way for users to navigate through their iOS contac...

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iPhone 101: Save extensions in Contacts

Having friends with an office job in the typical corporate environment often times means having to dial a desk phone with an extension. As Lifehacker points out, this usually results in having to memorize a contact's direct extension for use after dialing the office's main line. The difficulty comes...

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New birthday icon for Calendar in iOS 4.2

The release of iOS 4.2 has brought us a nice little surprise in the form of the new icon shown in this post. If you're tracking birthdays in your Contacts application, those birthdays will appear in your iCal calendar with a little gift package icon. It's a nice little touch to the friendly organize...

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Sync Wars: Address Book vs. Google Contacts

Steven Frank from Panic has outlined several important differences between the way that Address Book (on Snow Leopard) and Google Contacts manage data. This is on his personal website. He's quick to point out that it is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but it reflects several things that I also...

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Rumor: Apple building Facebook into iPhone OS

Business Insider says a source has told them that Apple is working on integrating Facebook directly into the next iPhone OS. This would mean the use of Facebook Connect to bring contacts directly into the phone (which we've heard as a rumor before, and which would make sense, considering that the A...

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iPhone OS 4 to integrate with Facebook

Developers have done a little more poking around with iPhone OS 4.0, and it looks like Apple is set to get much more social with the next version of the iPhone. Not only will the new OS include the new gaming network Game Center, but apparently the OS will also integrate Facebook contacts directly ...

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Find My iPad comes to MobileMe

Find My iPhone, a long-standing feature on MobileMe that allows you to remotely locate a misplaced iPhone via MobileMe's web interface, has been extended to the iPad. Find My iPad has the same features as Find My iPhone, including playing the little sonar sound effect with an onscreen message (in ca...

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