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AT&T wants the iPhone until 2011

Why wouldn't they? I know about a dozen people who have switched to AT&T precisely because they are the only US iPhone game in town (mostly). The exclusivity ends 2010, but SAI asks, will Apple renew its contract with AT&T? The biggest problem plaguing iPhones appears to be the network -- AT...

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Apple Stores selling contract-free iPhones

Last week came the sneak peek at internal AT&T memos meant to coach employees on the sale of unsubsidized iPhones. Today, there's news that Apple has begun selling no-contract iPhones at their retail stores. You can grab an 8GB iPhone 3G for $599 or a 16GB model for $699, take it home and do wha...

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iPhone to cost only $300-400 with contract?

If the iPhone's prices of $500 and $600 with contract were a little too much for your wallet to stomach, you might take solace in some new info allegedly leaked from a Cingular AT&T consumer survey (Wait: do wallets really have stomachs?). Engadget has the details on the possibility of the iPh...

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