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iGrill wireless thermometer combines meat, heat, iPhone

No two ways about it: the day before Christmas Eve is a sleepy, office mostly empty, finish your online shopping, take a long lunch kind of day. It would take a very special press release to break through the pre-holiday, here-comes-CES fog that's hovering over the TUAW home offices this week. I'm h...

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Holiday cooking with your iPad: be safer while you sauteƩ

Flour belongs in cookies, not on your iPad. The same goes for butter, wine, eggs and oil. Your kitchen may be a treasure trove of cooking essentials, but iPads and food should never directly mix. That's why this cooking with your iDevice radio story over at NPR gave us a moment's pause at TUAW ce...

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iPad cutting board a good gift for foodies and techies alike

Can't afford to get that special someone an iPad or a gift card good for the purchase of an iPad? Don't have a grandma that can quilt you an iPhone? Well, if your gift recipient happens to like spending time in the kitchen, they may appreciate this iPad Cutting Board. Laser cut from a chunk of hardy...

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TUAW's Daily App: Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach

It's the day before Thanksgiving, and you've agreed to have the family over for dinner tomorrow, complete with a turkey and fixings and everything. But you just realized that you don't actually have any idea how to cook a turkey (and it probably won't fit in the microwave). Not to worry. CBS Intera...

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KitchenPad Timer helps with your Thanksgiving meal

This coming Thursday is Thanksgiving, one of my favorite American holidays. Although it's representative of the Pilgrims' first harvest festival with the Native American Indians, it's really about one of my favorite things -- eating. But before we can eat, many of us have to cook, and we have to fac...

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Dishy lands in the App Store and your kitchen

I wrote up a sneak peek of Dishy [iTunes Link] earlier in the summer when I saw a preview at WWDC. It was called Bon App at the time, and man it looked tasty. Well the app is now out and it rocks. I've been testing a demo for a little while and I wish more cooking apps worked like this. Dishy tak...

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5 Apps for the weekend warrior

Getting through the work week is hard enough for most of us... but the minute Friday afternoon rolls around, there's a certain breed that face the weekend with a long list of "honey do" projects and household duties. Yes, the weekend warriors need iPhone app love too -- whether to help with those ...

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5 (really useful) Apps for everyone

Some apps are almost universal. Chances are you may find a use for one of these apps in your daily goings-on, just as I have. All links are iTunes links. Flicktunes, $0.99 Remember our chat about driving and using your iPhone? Flicktunes makes controlling the iPod in your iPhone (or touch)...

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The iPhone app I saw at WWDC but still can't show you: Bon App

I guess you could say I'm an armchair foodie. Strangely enough, once I started working at home I rarely got the chance to cook a proper meal. It doesn't help that my kids have typical kid palates, and attempts to "get fancy" with the ingredients are met with wrinkled noses and frowning faces. So whe...

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Recipes on your iPhone

We here at TUAW are big fans of Apple's products (shocking, I know) so whenever something new comes out we cover the heck out of it. At the moment the new hotness, as the dorks who desperately want to sound cool say, is the iPhone. TUAW is all atwitter about the iPhone (though you can subscribe to a...

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MacGourmet 2 Public Beta - Round Two

The folks at MacGourmet have entered their second round of Public Beta 2 - Version 2.0.0 Beta 9. We've written about MacGourmet many times before and we're still fans of this recipe manager for OS X. MacGourmet 2 is universal binary and this release includes the following changes: [FIXED] Added t...

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