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Apple and Psystar still battling in court

Like a league of zombies that just won't go away, Mac clone maker Psystar just keeps coming back for more punishment. In the most recent chapter of this ongoing courtroom drama, Psystar filed an Opening Brief with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in its request for an appeal to the permanent i...

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Apple rejecting apps with "Pad" in the title

Apple is extremely protective of its trademarks, and has begun rejecting App Store submissions with "Pad" in the main title. 9to5 Mac notes that Jesse Waites, the developer behind ContactPad, has recently had an update for his app rejected because of its name (note that ContactPad is currently av...

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Apple, Psystar reach partial settlement

Details are still sketchy, but apparently Apple and Psystar have reached partial settlement in the ongoing saga between the two companies. It appears that in return for paying Apple unspecified damages on its copyright claims (most of which were ruled in Apple's favor in a summary judgment motion la...

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Psystar dealt crushing blow in ongoing legal proceedings with Apple

Yesterday, Judge William Alsup, United States District Judge for the Northern District of California, dealt Psystar a crushing blow in its ongoing litigation with Apple over whether or not Psystar could market and sell non-Apple computers running modified copies of Apple's operating system. If you'r...

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Psystar, Apple file motions for summary judgment

Apple and Psystar have been embroiled in litigation for quite a while now. At the core of the dispute: Psystar modifies Apple's operating system software so that it can run on its clone machines. It then sells its computers with Mac OS installed to, well, anybody who wants one. As you can imagine, t...

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Apple rejects ĀµTorrent controller iPhone app

We've talked before about ways to control a BitTorrent client from the iPhone, and some unofficial developers have gotten it working in a jailbroken way. But apparently that's as far as we'll get -- µMonitor, a little iPhone app to control µTorrent (a popular BitTorrent app that I use pr...

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App Store rejections tied to third party rights infringements

See update from Apple PR at the bottom of the post. Despite what at least one developer was told, the ebook category is not 'banned from the store.' Apple recently invited a great deal of criticism after it rejected Google's Google Voice application from App Store. At the same time, it pulled thi...

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Apple says jailbreaking is illegal

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has posted the news that Apple has filed comments with the US Copyright Office stating that the act of jailbreaking your iPhone is a copyright infringement and a DMCA violation, and therefore illegal. The EFF says that Apple is claiming that jailbreak apps still re...

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Psystar wins a battle, legal war just getting started

Previously in the Apple-Psystar legal battle, the clone maker amended its countersuit to charge that Apple was unfairly leveraging its copyright by binding Mac OS X to Mac hardware. On Friday, the federal judge assigned to the case ruled that the amendment will be heard by the court, a small victor...

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Psystar bizarrely claims Apple doesn't own copyright for Mac OS X

In what might be the most outlandish claim yet to surface in the case, Psystar now claims that Apple never registered Mac OS X with the U.S. Copyright Office, rendering its copyright invalid, according to InformationWeek. Note that registration isn't a condition of protection, but it is a condition ...

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With new claims, Psystar tries another angle

You have to admire Psystar's tenacity. Since Judge William Alsup's decision to disallow federal antitrust claims against Apple in Psystar's countersuit, Psystar is amending its countersuit, alleging the misuse of copyright based on different antitrust claims. It boggles the mind. Apple is already ...

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Apple piles on Psystar, wins trademark suit

In yet another new facet to this already-draining legal battle surrounding Psystar's sales of non-Apple hardware that runs Mac OS X, Apple has amended its original suit after it discovered "additional information," according to Computerworld. Apple now claims Psystar circumvented Apple's copyright p...

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Apple demands Psystar recall Mac clones

We noted yesterday that the Mac clone maker, Psystar, was sued by Apple for copyright infringement, among other things. According to a recent ZDNet post, Apple wants Psystar to recall all of the Mac clones sold since April. "Psystar's actions have been committed with intent to damage Apple and to co...

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Japan to abandon iPod copyright fee

For years, legislators in Japan have wanted a portion of the price of a digital recording device (up to 3%) to go to recording companies, songwriters and artists. The so-called "iPod tax" has met opposition from electronics manufacturers, as you could imagine. However, it looks like it's not going ...

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Company sues CBS and Apple over 'Mighty Mouse' name

A firm named Man and Machine is suing both Apple and CBS for trademark infringement for using the Mighty Mouse name to describe a computer input device. Man and Machine makes hygenic water- and chemical-resistant keyboards and mice for hospitals and laboratories. Man and Machine claims CBS (who owns...

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