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AnandTech takes a look at the Intel iMac

Anand, from the appropriately named site AnandTech, has gotten his hands on an iMac G5 and an Intel iMac and took both for a spin. He spends lots of time in this very lengthy review comparing the performance of the two, and time after time the Intel iMac is faster, but not mind blowingly so. This re...

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iMac Core Duo quirks

No, this isn't a pic of our rig of the day. It's my rig. I've had my iMac Core Duo for a few weeks now, so I thought I'd provide some more impressions for those of you still on the PowerPC side of the processor divide. Monitor spanning works nicely, especially with a nice screen like the 24-inch Del...

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TUAW Video Podcast: iMac Core Duo, Part 2

Here's part two of my video podcast on the new iMac, and this one is super-sized. It is both the longest and largest video podcast we've ever done, weighing in at close to 20 minutes and 109.7MBs in size. Here's a direct link to the file [ctrl click and save to disk] or you can grab it in the iTMS h...

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TUAW Video Podcast: iMac Core Duo, Part 1

That's right! It's here: the first part of my video podcast report on the new iMac Core Duo. What's amazing about this video podcast is that you don't actually see the iMac at all (except for the remote). Instead, I recorded the entire thing with me yammering on about the iMac with the iMac itself. ...

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Apple - Intel info

Apple has created a website to answer all your questions about the new Intel Core Duo chips that now power some of our beloved Macs. Thrill to the performance charts that show Intel chips kicking G4 and G5 butt. No one toasted Intel bunny in sight. It is a brave new world, friends, and I for one wel...

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New iMac and MacBook Pro (fortunately) void of Intel branding

AdJab was the first to notice something we've all been worrying about since the day Jobs announced the switch to Intel chips: Intel branding on the new Macs, or more specifically: the lack therof. After checking the product sites for the new iMac and MacBook Pro and confirming with a couple of our o...

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