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TUAW Exclusive: Video of Pixelmator in action

Click To Play The moment I saw John Gruber link Pixelmator - a powerful new Core Image-based image editor with support for layers, a wide variety of tools, iLife/iPhoto, Automator and more - I had to get a closer look. I remember the days of Apple hyping Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and all...

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Inform now Lineform, reaches 1.1

Lineform, formerly Inform, has reached 1.1 and added many features. This $79 graphics program now boasts AppleScriptablity, support for Core Image, media browsing and much more. This program is designed to be powerful but simple to use and seems to be focused on logo design....

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Image Tricks 2.0

I'm beginning to think that today is some kind of image editing holiday, as Image Tricks, the freeware image editor that leverages Mac OS X Tiger's Core Image features, has been updated to version 2. New features include 'generators' - the ability to "randomly and manually generate images with ...

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