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Apple's growing pains, culture of secrecy and the iPad

On Saturday, when you plug in your shiny new iPad and peruse the App Store for apps, you'll see 'HD' or 'XL' designations for iPad-specific apps. You may wonder what that's all about. It's about a lack of solid information, driven by a top-down policy of secrecy. When a company like Apple fosters...

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Tim Cook gets $12.3M for watching Apple while Jobs was out

Apple COO Tim Cook has received $12.3 million in Apple stock for stepping in as CEO during Steve Jobs absence earlier this year. Considering its been a rough couple of years for the economy and many CEOs still got large salaries for doing very little, it's nice to see Cook being rewarded for, y...

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Leopard smites Vista in corporate satisfaction

ComputerWorld posts that ChangeWave Research has studied satisfaction levels for corporate users of Leopard and Windows Vista. As you might expect, the Leopard users are altogether more satisfied than Vista users -- up to 5 times more likely to report that they're "very satisfied" with their operati...

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Apple expands campuses in Austin and Cupertino

As AAPL continues to fly, Apple is apparently eating up all the real estate they can find. AppleInsider reports that Apple is going to expand their Austin, TX campus by building an 80,000 square foot building (at 12565 Riata Vista Circle). Apple's not saying what they're using it for, but the Austin...

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TUAW Podcast #23: There and Back Again with the iPhone

The TUAW podcast is back in effect ladies and gents, though this week we're a tad late due to some technical difficulties. Nevertheless, expect a steady new stream of podcasts and screencasts from here on out, starting with today's entry: TUAW Podcast #23: There and Back Again with the iPhone. Fello...

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Apple under European antitrust scrutiny

The AP reports that the European Commission has launched an antitrust probe into iTunes. According to the article a single track costs $1.56 in the UK, $1.44 in Denmark and $1.32 in Germany and Belgium, while at the same time users are restricted to the iTunes store of their country of origin. "Cons...

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Apple is America's most profitable retailer

In May of 2001, the first Apple Store descended upon Tysons Corner Center of McLean, Virginia. Six years later, there are now 174 Apple Stores spread across the globe, with the Fifth Avenue location in New York City attracting 50,000 customers per week. Sales average $4,032 per square foot (while sh...

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