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Why Verizon needs a copy editor

Dig a bit deeper into Verizon's iPhone announcement and you see something that was overlooked from this morning's announcement -- namely a white iPhone. Apple has made it perfectly clear that the Holy Grail of iPhones won't be available until some time this spring. So, is this the real thing? Mos...

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HP adds more printers to AirPrint-compatible list

With only a handful of HP printers being compatible with Apple's AirPrint -- after the disappointment of AirPrint's functionality being drastically scaled back in the final release of iOS 4.2 -- users have been left with two options if they want to print directly from their iOS 4.2 device. One, g...

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About the 1st generation iPhone/push notification post: an apology

On Tuesday evening, in the leadup to the release of the iPhone 3.0 firmware update, TUAW ran a post that included wrong information. The post stated that first-generation iPhone owners would not be able to use the push notification feature of 3.0 and receive phone calls at the same time. This was in...

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TUAW Tip: Setting Google Reader as your default RSS handler

April 2011: Post updated to remove links to older Google Reader Notifier and link to official Google Notifier tool. I'll admit it, I goofed. The screenshot for my post on using MisFox to set your Internet helper applications shows "Google Reader.app" in the pop-up of choices for the default RSS ...

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