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Macs still cheaper when you look at TCO

With all of the iPhone news lately, some of you may have worried that we're forgetting what got us here: Apple computers, not the other gadgets and doohickeys they sell. But worry not -- we're still Mac-crazy, which is why we'll still link to a Grade A smackdown on the old argument that Macs are mor...

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How the Writer's Strike could cost iTunes subscribers

Macworld (the magazine, not the party that many of us are missing out on this week) has an interesting note up about how the writer's strike is going to be bad news for iTunes subscribers, and it's not what you think. Sure, the whole strike is supposedly about television writers getting paid for the...

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Rogue Amoeba begins "Should I Exhibit At Macworld?" blogging series

Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba has kicked off a new series at their company blog titled Should I Exhibit At Macworld?, breaking down the finer yet lesser-known details of how much it really costs software developers to exhibit at Macworld. This first post examines the various significant and hidden co...

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For some, iPhone could cost up to $1349

For everything the iPhone offers, $499 and $599 really is a killer deal. But what if you have to shell out up to $1349 to get your hands on Apple's revolutionary do-it-all mobile device? Nick Starr points out that Cingular still charges a deposit of up to $750 for some customers who have bad credit....

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System Shootouts: Mac Pro vs Dell Precision 690

System Shootouts has pit a Mac Pro against a Dell Precision 690 workstation in an in-depth feature-for-feature comparison to see who gets to go home with the prom queen. This match is of particular interest in part because of how detailed the feature criteria is (it included extra drive/bays like a ...

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iMacs cost $898 to make?

MacSlash has come across a report from analyst firm iSuppli that claims the materials used to build the latest Intel iMac cost Apple roughly $898. This includes an estimated price of $265/Intel Dual Core chip, which is based on prices from Intel's site that are $294/chip in orders of 1000. The estim...

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